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Obama's vacation in Hawaii: Day 4

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January 6, 2013 12:05 AM EST | AP

KAILUA, Hawaii — How President Barack Obama spent the fourth day of his holiday vacation in Hawaii on Saturday:

_ LOUNGING: Obama and his family spent most of the day in their rented vacation home in Kailua, not going anywhere before sundown.

_ RADIO ADDRESS: The White House released Obama's weekly radio and Internet address, which he used to say he won't compromise on his insistence that Congress lift the federal debt ceiling.

_ DINNER: Obama ate with his family at Buzz's Original Steakhouse, a low key restaurant across the street from Kailua Beach Park, near where Obama got shaved ice with his daughters on Friday.

_ LATE DEPARTURE: The Obamas planned to fly to Washington aboard Air Force One on a redeye flight Saturday night.