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How the video games industry is faring

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The Associated Press | April 18, 2013 05:48 PM EST | AP

Companies in the video games industry have begun releasing earnings reports for the latest quarter. Here's a look at selected companies that make or sell video games or machines.

_ April 3: Mobile game developer Rovio Entertainment Ltd. says the popular Angry Birds franchise helped it double revenue in 2012 to 152 million euros ($195 million). Net income surged more than 55 percent to 55.5 million euros ($71.2 million).

_ Thursday: Microsoft Corp. says revenue from its Xbox 360 business grew by $641 million, or 55 percent, in the January-March quarter. That's from higher revenue from its Xbox Live service and the recognition of $380 million in deferred video game revenue. Revenue is deferred when video games are sold with software upgrades and enhancements. Like other video game companies, Microsoft spreads that out over time, while the game is played, rather than all at once.

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_ April 24: Nintendo Co. (Wii), Zynga Inc. (online games)

_ May 9: Sony Corp. (PlayStation)