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National League Series Results

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The Associated Press | October 9, 2013 10:49 PM EST | AP

Los Angeles (West) def. Atlanta (East) 3-1

St. Louis (Central) def. Pittsburgh-x 3-2

San Francisco-w (West) def. Cincinnati (Central) 3-2

St. Louis-x (Central) def. Washington (East) 3-2

St. Louis-wx (Central) def. Philadelphia (East) 3-2

Milwaukee (Central) def. Arizona (West) 3-2

Philadelphia (East) def. Cincinnati (Central) 3-0

San Francisco-w (West) def. Atlanta-x (East) 3-1

Los Angeles (West) def. St. Louis (Central), 3-0

Philadelphia (East) def. Colorado-x (West), 3-1

Los Angeles (West) def. Chicago (Central), 3-0

Philadelphia-w (East) def. Milwaukee-x (Central), 3-1

Arizona (West) def. Chicago (Central), 3-0

Colorado-x (West) def. Philadelphia (East), 3-0

New York (East) def. Los Angeles-x (West), 3-0

St. Louis-w (Central) def. San Diego (West), 3-1

Houston-x (Central) def. Atlanta (East), 3-1

St. Louis (Central) def. San Diego (West), 3-0

Houston-x (Central) def. Atlanta (East), 3-2

St. Louis (Central) def. Los Angeles (West), 3-1

Chicago (Central) def. Atlanta (East), 3-2

Florida-wx (East) def. San Francisco (West), 3-1

St. Louis (Central) def. Arizona (West), 3-0

San Francisco-x (West) def. Atlanta (East), 3-2

Arizona-w (West) def. St. Louis-x (Central), 3-2

Atlanta (East) def. Houston (Central), 3-0

St. Louis (Central) def. Atlanta (East), 3-0

New York-x (East) def. San Francisco (West), 3-1

Atlanta (East) def. Houston (Central), 3-1

New York-x (East) def. Arizona (West), 3-1

Atlanta (East) def. Chicago-x (Central), 3-0

San Diego (West) def. Houston (Central), 3-1

Atlanta (East) def. Houston (Central), 3-0

Florida-wx (East) def. San Francisco (West), 3-0

Atlanta (East) def. Los Angeles-x (West), 3-0

St. Louis (Central) def. San Diego (West), 3-0

Atlanta-w (East) def. Colorado-x (West), 3-1

Cincinnati (Central) def. Los Angeles (West), 3-0