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Tucson Shooting: HuffPost Bloggers React

Posted: 01/10/2011 11:45 am

This past Saturday's tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, which left 6 dead and 14 injured, has predictably set off a storm of commentary. Who is Jared Lee Loughner? Does his violent act tell us something about how we deal with mental health in America; or, what role, if any, has the political atmosphere of late played in encouraging such violence? Do inadequate gun control laws enable it? How has the media performed in covering this story? Below is a slideshow of HuffPost blogger reactions to the shooting that seeks to answer these questions, as well as many others, from a wide range of perspectives. Readers are encouraged to vote on each slide, as well as leave comments below.

huffpost bloggers weigh in
Drew Westen
Professor, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Emory University
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Gun Violence and the Lessons of Tucson: Will the Chambers Once Again Be Loaded Against the American People?
Saturday was not the first time Gabby Giffords -- or countless other lawmakers, candidates, and elected officials, including President Obama -- was confronted at a campaign rally or town hall meeting by gun-toting bullies, whose primary goal (at least until this weekend) was intimidation. That bringing a concealed weapon within that proximity to an elected official could be legal in the world's longest-lasting democracy is both surreal and shameful -- and now it threatens that democracy.
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