04/04/2013 06:07 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2013

Antonio Cupo - The "Bomb Girls" Boy on Living a Normal Life


Antonio Cupo
Photo by Pablo Hernandez

If you look at Antonio from far away, he appears super machismo. When you look closer and deep into his eyes, you see that he's a very approachable, normal guy, working hard to earn a living while entertaining us at the same time.

Antonio stars in "Bomb Girls" on Reelz Channel as Marco Moretti, a factory munitions controller surrounded by women.

You can also catch Antonio on May 31st in the film "American Mary" and another release, "The Day of the Siege: September Eleven, 1683," which is a European release.

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Even though you were born in Vancouver, Canada, it appears you keep your strong Italian roots. Did you feel your upbringing was different than those of your childhood friends?

"I think anyone who was born into first generation families had different upbringings. The traditions in my house were strong and definitely Italian. My parents met in Canada. My father came to Canada for work and my mother came with her family when she was very young. We used to take trips to Italy as a family growing up, now I'm there all the time for work."

Why were you in Rome for seven years?

"I went to Rome to shoot a TV series called ELISA DI RIVOMBROSA for 10 months and ended up staying seven years. Italy is very beautiful and it is easy to fall in love it. I attended church and still attend."

Did you feel a special bond with your family that you noticed your childhood friends did NOT have?

"I didn't observe any bond that others did not have but my parents paid some special attention to getting us to school safely. My dad would drive us to school every morning and pick us up everyday at 3pm. He had a massive white Cadillac and he would always wear a three-piece suit and a fedora, never missed a day... that was different than other kids."

Did you take guitar and singing lessons or are you self-taught?

"I took some lessons in both at the beginning but I really started learning about writing and playing when I started travelling and 'living.' I'm a big fan of 'feel' over technical ability. All the artists I admired weren't technically perfect but they had something that was impossible to reproduce; themselves. I started playing with a band in high school. The band was called 'The After School Specials.' Our bass player was the singer because we couldn't find one. One day I sang something for the guys and they both looked at my and said, 'You're singing.'"

You've had an amazing career so far. How many loves scenes have you done?

"I don't do anything special before a love scene. It is a scene like any other. I've done dozens of love scenes for many different projects. Sometimes you talk to your partner about what feels comfortable but it's usually decided to just be natural and see how things feel. I don't do anything that the character wouldn't do."

Do you currently have a real life love interest? The public has linked with the Polish actress Kasia Wolejnio -- is she/was she really your girlfriend or was it just Internet jabber?

"Kasia is a friend so that was just internet jabber. It seems whenever I'm photographed with a friend the press is quick to put a label on it. I am in a relationship and very happy."

When you were growing up, did you have any idea you would be considered a sex symbol?

"I didn't ever think I'd be a sex symbol and no I don't have a routine or a diet. I'm just a normal guy who does normal stuff."

What was it like the first time a fan stopped you on the street?

"The day after my series aired in Italy, I walked out my front door in Rome, Italy and got about 20 feet before a class of students recognized me. I was in the eye of the storm of 15 year-olds. I changed homes several times in the first two years because it became impossible to live a normal life."

Antonio Cupo with "Bomb Girls" co-star Jodi Balfour

Through your childhood and teen years, you studied and performed in theatrical productions. What's the difference between performing in theater vs. film/TV?

"I never get bored. Sometimes I have to wait and that is part of the job. Theatre gives different emotions than film but they are both exciting. The part that stays the same in both is the naturalism in the interpretation of different characters."

You love to cook, especially spaghetti. Do you grow your own wheat? What's the process of making this meal?

"I love to cook but I have no idea as to where you got the spaghetti. Haha. I'm a bit of a foodie. Italian and California fresh style mostly. I don't grow wheat."

You're surrounded by a lot of ladies in "Bomb Girls." Is there any "girl talk" on set in between takes that you get caught up in?

"There is never too much estrogen on set. I like working with women and I don't think there is much girl talk, everyone is far too busy for that."

Which would you choose for a rainy day? Guitar or book?

"I'd choose guitar to write my own stuff. I'm always writing new ideas. The trouble is finding time to develop every song. I like reading books that teach me something so a book on photographic techniques or the biography of some famous old actor would be more my thing."

What are your thoughts on philosophy?

"I remember just getting out of university and asking similar questions. Funny how quick we are to get into stuff like that when we have just studied it. Truth be told, I'm more of a worker. I think more about supporting my family and paying my taxes than about philosophy. That should pretty much cover 'reality, existence, knowledge, values..' etc."

Anything else you'd like to add?

"I actually just got off the phone with the Down Syndrome Research Foundation and I will be helping out with their Foundation."