06/01/2015 03:01 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2016

5 Negroni Week-Inspired Cocktails

Negroni Week is in full swing with bars across the globe mixing up the classic combination of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth--as well as inspired riffs--and donating a portion of the proceeds to charities of their choice. Now in its third year, Imbibe launched Negroni Week as a way to celebrate a beloved cocktail while giving both bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts a chance to give back. Ready to get in on the action? Check out the Negroni Week website for a complete list of participating bars, and for a little cocktail motivation, click through the Negroni-inspired recipes below.

  • Parson’s Negroni Slushy
    A Negroni in slushy form? Don’t mind if we do. This frozen version adds fresh grapefruit and orange juices to the mix. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Kelly Puleio
  • Jasmine
    Consider this Cointreau-sweetened, gin-forward cocktail a mellow intro to the more bitterly bracing classic Negroni. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Lara Ferroni
  • Salted Negroni
    A pinch of salt performs a finishing flavor act in this savory twist on the classic. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Katie Burnett
  • Kingston Negroni
    Swap in an island rum for the traditional gin and drink in this Caribbean-influenced variation. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Katie Burnett
  • Classic Negroni
    It doesn’t get any more iconic than Count Camillo Negroni’s original 1919 formula of equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Stuart Mullenberg