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August 25, 2016

How To Help Victims Of Italy's Earthquake

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Remo Casilli / Reuters

Proposed Seattle Homeless Shelter May Allow Residents To Use Heroin

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backpack555 via Getty Images

J.K. Rowling Breaks Down Problem Of Volunteering At Orphanages

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Feds To Buy 11 Million Pounds Of Surplus Cheese For Food Banks

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Creatas Images via Getty Images

Singapore Food Vendor Gives Meal Coupons To Hungry

Street Food Singapore

People Countrywide Are Handing Out Tampons To Homeless Women

Happy Period

Austin Ends Veteran Homelessness, Says Its 'Achievable' For All Cities

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kevinruss via Getty Images

Homeless Shelters Could Soon Become More Welcoming To Trans Residents

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The Washington Post via Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg Sells $95 Million Worth Of Facebook Shares For Charity

Prize Preis
Adam Berry via Getty Images

Ban Ki-Moon Says It's Time For A Woman To Fill His UN Role, Already

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Jason Lee / Reuters

'Would You Rather' Quiz Highlights Impossible Choices Refugees Make

United Nations

Artificial Intelligence Could Now Help Us End Poverty

Africa Atlantic Ocean Europe Indian Ocean Mediterranean Sea Red Sea World Earth Earth Science Environment Geographic Illustration Illustration
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images

Don't Let The 'Boy In Ambulance' Become 'Tragedy Porn'

Syria Aleppo Air Attack Ambulance Wounded Kid Omra
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Stigma Is Still One Of Biggest Obstacles To Ending AIDS: Experts

Welfare Programs Trading Economics Hiv Positive Prostitution Poverty Town Prostitute Traffic Jam Chirundu Border Development Health Post
Gideon Mendel via Getty Images

Facebook Messenger Has A Pretty Great New Update

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Taylor Swift Gives $1 Million To Louisiana For Flood Relief

Blond Hair Blue Eyes Chocker Dress
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images

Airbnb Allows Users In Louisiana To Offer Free Shelter To Evacuees


This Group Is Bringing Tampons And Pads To Evacuees In Louisiana

America Americas North Americconsumer Goodsretail
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Street Team Brings Health Care Directly To Homeless People In NYC

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Vaccine Campaign Aims To Curb Yellow Fever Outbreak In Angola, DRC

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Kenny Katombe / Reuters

Chefs Turn Leftovers At Olympics Into 5,000 Meals A Day For Poor

2016 Rio Olympic Gamessummer Olympic Gamessportseventsxxxi Olympiad

How To Help Victims Of Louisiana Floods

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These States Waste The Most Groceries

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Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

This City Has Given Over 900 Jobs To Homeless Panhandlers

Homeless Jobs

Here's All The Ways Giving Cash To Poor People Helps

Mansi Thapliyal / Reuters

Nearly 60% Of Countries At Risk Of Using Slaves In Supply Chains: Report

Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

This Group Is Sending Rape Kits To Every U.S. Governor

Rape Social Issues Evidence Los Angeles
Ted Soqui via Getty Images

App Lets You Buy Leftover Food From Restaurants And It's Really Cheap

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'Robot Lawyer' Gives Free Legal Aid To Homeless People

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The World Seems To Only Care About Refugees When They're Olympians

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Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

Entire City Of Aleppo Doesn't Have Running Water: UN

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Valery Sharifulin via Getty Images

This N.J. County Has Housed All Of Its Homeless Veterans

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Robert Ginn via Getty Images

Athlete From Rio Slum Just Won Brazil’s First Gold Medal

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Nacho Doce / Reuters

Growing Population Needs Less Waste, Not More Food: Experts

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Charles Platiau / Reuters

How Breastfeeding Could Help Fight Hunger, Poverty, Other Global Issues

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Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

Big Pharma Says It Gives Refugees Cheap Shots, But It’s Not Totally True

Vaccines Refugees
MSF/Pierre-Yves Bernard

Portland Homeless Banned From Camping And It's Hippies' Fault

City Of Roses North America Pacific Northwest River City Willamette River Design Architecture Destination Economy Glass And Steel Highrise Buildings
George Rose via Getty Images

Abandoned Factory Turned Into Residence For Refugees In Greece

Elpida Home Project

Poor Nutrition Kills More Kids Than Aids, Malaria And TB: UN

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters


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Innovative Way Kenya Prevents Moms From Dying During Childbirth

Two People National Capital Monitoring Midadult Woman Young Adult Woman Medicine Poverty Pregnancy Slum Midwife Medical Test Occupations Indoors
Karen Kasmauski via Getty Images

Food Rescue Group Donates Uneaten Airline Meals To Charity

Cooked Prepackaged Food Food And Drink Industry Healthy Eating No People Vehicle Interior Airline Food Serving Tray Meal Gourmet Nutrition Label
Supersmario via Getty Images

Miami Police Give Out Bug Spray To Homeless To Protect Against Zika

Athena Image

Brazil Slashes Child Mortality Rates With Breastfeeding, Milk Banks

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Syrian Refugees Can Either Feed Their Kids Or Send Them To School: Report

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Here's Why You Should Pay $125 To Eat In A Dumpster

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Salvage Supperclub / Tanya Bhandari

Kenyan Activists Demand Justice After Man Chops Off Wife's Hands

Athena Image
Aldo Pavan via Getty Images

Number Of Homeless Single Adults In NYC Has Spiked 95% In A Decade

Economic Economy Finance Poor Poverty
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Recovery Home For Women Addicts

Athena Image
Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Veteran Homelessness Has Dropped By Nearly 50% Since 2010: Report

David Ryder / Reuters

Refugees Use Scraps To Build Houses That Remind Them Of Home

Marco Tiberio

What It Will Take To Start Relocating Refugees From World's Largest Camp

Thomas Mukoya / Reuters

Delaying Breastfeeding Increases Risk Of Newborn Death By 80%: UN

Athena Image

L.A. County Aims To House 100 Homeless Youth In 100 Days

Athena Image
Eric Risberg/AP

77% Of Us Feel Bad About Wasting Food, But Aren't Sure What To Do

No People Rotting Sun Dried Tomato Wastepaper Bask
peder77 via Getty Images

100 Homeless Individuals Documented Their Lives With Disposable Cameras

Photo Courtesy Of David Minch Through Our Eyes Project
Photo courtesy of David Minch / Through Our Eyes project

Activist Helping Lower Castes In India Forced To Clean Toilet Feces By Hand

PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

Trafficking Victim Shares Tragic Story At DNC, Praises Clinton's Efforts

Politics Horizontal Convention
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Ice Bucket Challenge Funds Breakthrough In ALS Research

Athena Image

American Red Cross Faces Nationwide Blood Shortage, Calls On Donors

Generosity Phlebotomy Healthcare Blood Donation Blood Giving Giving Blood Hero Healthcare Worker Blood Donor Volunteer Patient Two People Adult
PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier via Getty Images

When You Buy Tampons, This Company Gives Pads To Girls In India

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Jupiterimages via Getty Images

The Surprising Way Philly Treats Homeless During The DNC

Catholic Faith God Philly Religion
Spencer Platt via Getty Images