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March 6, 2015

Underwear Campaign's #BriefMessage About Abuse Against Women

Womens Day
aleXsandro Palombo

During Economic Boom, Ethiopia Targets Specific Poverty Sectors

Ethiopia Poor
Jonathan Alpeyrie via Getty Images

Watch These Kids Find A Way To Ease World Hunger In Under 2 Minutes

Child Hunger
Action Against Hunger

New Obama Plan Aims To Get Tens Of Millions Of Girls In School Worldwide

Let Girls Learn
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Child Poverty Exists In Silicon Valley, Too. Here's Who's Helping

Latino Kids
Gary S Chapman via Getty Images

Report: 76% Of Teachers Say Kids Come To School Hungry Regularly

Student Sleeping In Class
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

California Bill Would Stem Criminalization Of Homelessness

Homeless Man Sitting On Bench
Brent Winebrenner via Getty Images

Study: Countries Vulnerable To Ebola 'Must Learn Lessons From Crisis'

Save The Children
CJ Clarke/Save the Children

Bill Gates Says Studying Dinosaurs Can Help Save Kids' Lives


$5 Jug Keeps Milk Fresh, Protects Poor Farmers From Losing Income

Milk Jug

Students Feed Homeless Delicious Meals, Cut Food Waste All At Once

Drexel Food Lab Student One
Drexel Food Lab

Dismissed Traditional Healers Now Key To Stopping Ebola

Traditional Healers Ebola

Restaurant Gives Fresh Start To Former Prostitutes, Convicts

Mary Nelson 3
YouTube/CareerChangersTV's channel

Prince Harry To Leave Military, Further African Charity Efforts: Report

Prince Harry Africa
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Scoreboards Tally War 'Death Count' To Reduce Violence In India, Pakistan

India Pakistan Scoreboard
DDB Mudra Group

India's Slum Children Push Politicians To Provide Clean Water, Toilets

Courtesy of Humara Bachpan

Net Neutrality Nonprofit Wins Reddit's Top Charity Vote

Child Poverty Would Be MUCH Higher Without Safety Net Programs: Report

Happy Black Child
Henk Badenhorst via Getty Images

Cutting Food Waste Could Save $300 Billion And Feed Hungry: Report

People Eating
Cultura/Matelly via Getty Images

Veterans Express Their True Selves In Stunning Photo Series

Veteran Photo Series
Devin Mitchell

Katy Perry Shares Somber Message From Auschwitz

Katy Perry
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

How Giving Apartments To Homeless Actually Saves Money

Camden Homeless

Teachers Feed Poor Kids On Snow Days When There's No School Lunch

Snow Day

Powerful PSA Shows A Side Of Bullies You Haven't Seen Before

Pink Shirt Day

Meet The 'Malala' Of Syria Who's Urging Refugees To Get An Education

Mezon Almellehan
ODD ANDERSEN via Getty Images

Libraries Adapt To Help Homeless Find Jobs And Health Services

Nasvhille Library

Disney Princesses As Acid Attack Survivors Reflect Fight Against Crime

Acid Attack Princesses
aleXsandro Palombo

Photos Show Poor Families Waiting To Eat So Everyone Is Fed Together

Darine Ndihokubwayo/World Food Program

Behind Los Angeles' Dramatic Decline In Gang Violence

Courtesy Homeboy Industries

Petition Demands Pardon For Gay Men After Graham Moore's Oscar Speech

Alan Turing
Heritage Images via Getty Images


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Basic Public Services Could Help Prevent Future Ebola Outbreaks

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

How Detroiters Reopened Parks, Made The City Better For Kids

Kids Art
Grandmont Community Association

Countries Banning Rapists From Marrying Victims To Avoid Punishment

Women Ethiopia
Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

Former Inmates Share Dreams For 'New Beginning'

Former Inmate Photos
Sandro Miller

New App That Simplifies Benefits To Help Millions Of Families In Need

Smart Phone via Getty Images

Sexual Exploitation Spiked During Ebola Outbreak, Here's Who's Helping

Liberia Ebola Girls
John Moore via Getty Images

His Son Was Born Cursed. He Started Filming, And Got An Oscar Nod

Tomasz Sliwinski
Magda Hueckel

Someone Spent $122,500 On Warren Buffett's Cadillac In Charity Auction

Warren Buffett Smiling
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Radio Stations Broadcast Lessons To Kids Out Of School Due To Ebola

Radio School Ebola

NYC Dedicates $6 Million To Help Homeless Who Sleep In Subways

Homeless Nyc Subway

Here's An Easy Way To Donate $1 To Charity Every Day

Dollar Bow
czarny_bez via Getty Images

Let's Stop Debating If Poor Pregnant Women Should Eat Potatoes

Pregnant Woman Groceries
Fuse via Getty Images

Athlete Tattooed His Body With Names Of 50 People Struggling With Hunger


Internet Helps Activist Who Fought Housing Discrimination

Dorothy Mulkey
Dorothy Mulkey/YouTube

Man Is Listening To Nickelback For 168 Hours Straight For Charity


Historic Health Push Aims To Wipe Out Disfiguring Disease

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Developing World Uses Paperless Platforms To Get Loans, Build Credit

Africa Mobile Money
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Campaign Aims To Cut AIDS Deaths In Adolescents By 65% In 5 Years

Aids Adolescents

73 Graffiti Artists Transformed 'Prison-Like' Low-Income School

Jose De Diego
Eleanor Goldberg

Artist Inspired By 'HONY' Launches Series To Help Homeless

Humans Of The Street
Mikaël Theimer

Dental Students Volunteer To Give Homeless Top-Quality Care

Dentist Homeless

These Homes Could Help Fix Rural America's Housing Crisis

Affordable Housing Alabama
Timothy Hursley

Homeless Dad On The 1 Thing That Could Help Him Get Job

Homeless Person Barefoot
miljko via Getty Images

Liberia Schools Reopen With Increased Ebola Precautions

Schools Liberia
ZOOM DOSSO via Getty Images

Girls Who Escape Boko Haram Get Academic Scholarships

Chibok Schoolgirls
- via Getty Images

An Easy Fix Can Get More Low-Income Kids To Eat Breakfast

Breakfast At School
The Washington Post via Getty Images

What 5 Years Of Community Support In Detroit Can Do

Humble Design
Humble Design