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June 28, 2016

This Charity Is Handing Out Zika Prevention Kits To Homeless

Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

Chef Who Spent Time In Jail Now Trains Ex-Offenders In Culinary Arts

Brandon Chrostowski

Michelle Obama Pledges $100 Million For Girls' Education In Morocco

Horizontal Maghreb Woman Rights Official Visit First Lady Education Celebrity
FADEL SENNA via Getty Images

Child Actress Dresses As Poor And Rich Girl To Make Grim Point


You'll Definitely Want To Eat These Foods Rescued From Dumpsters

Food Waste
Aliza Eliazarov

Economist Editorial: 'Minor Forms' Of Female Genital Mutilation OK

ADEK BERRY via Getty Images

You Could Help Save A Trafficking Victim's Life With Your Hotel Room Picture

Athena Image
Vlajs via Getty Images

New Airline Would Give Half Of Profits To Charity

Athena Image
Lisa Valder via Getty Images

Brexit Could Cause UK Charities To Lose Over $200 Million Every Year

European Union 2016 London Politics United Kingdom Campaign Fishing Boat River Thames Brexit
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

After Brexit, Aid Groups Unite To Support Refugees, Children In Need

Politics Referenda Economy Horizontal
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

This Credit Card Lets You Donate Your Cash Back Rewards To Charity

Athena Image
Rayes via Getty Images

A Third Of Hospitals In Developing Nations Don't Have Clean Water

Athena Image
Paula Bronstein via Getty Images

If Disney Princesses Had A Voice, Here's What They'd Sound Off About

Ji Sub Jeong/The Huffington Post

LAPD Officers Ordered To Treat Homeless People With 'Compassion'

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Orlando Fund Giving $7 Million Directly To Victims After Outcry

Athena Image
Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

For Her 30th Birthday, Woman Raised $30,000 For 30 Women In Need

Mallory Brown

Female Genital Mutilation Survivor Teaches Victims How To Enjoy Sex

Courtesy of Sarian Karim Kamara

Homeless People In Alaska May Get Hired To Clean Their Homeless Camps

Athena Image

California Close To Rolling Out $2 Billion Plan To House Homeless

Horizontal Poverty Homeless
FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

Unanimous Vote Brings Free Tampons To NYC’s Schools, Prisons, Shelters

City Hall
The Huffington Post

More Americans Give To Charity Than Vote

Athena Image
Genaro Molina via Getty Images

U.S. Program Lets Refugees Take Free Online Courses At Harvard

Athena Image
Pascal Lauener / Reuters

This Dutch Landlord Will Cut Rent For Tenants Who Help Refugees

Athena Image

Thousands Of Schools Ruined By Disaster Leave Kids Without Education

Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Pregnant Girls Expelled During Ebola Crisis Back In School

Athena Image
The Washington Post via Getty Images

5 Ways To Help Refugee Moms

Yannis Behrakis / Reuters

Slum Residents In Kenya Map Their Homes Because Google Can't

Krithika Varagur

Vending Machine Lets Indian Girls Buy Sanitary Pads Without Shame

Black Background Femininity Healthcare And Medicine Horizontal Image Hygiene Menstruation Nobody Pantyliner Photography Protection Single Object Studio Shot White Womens Issue Colour Image
Dorling Kindersley via Getty Images

Solar Phone Charging Stations Help Refugees Stay In Touch With Family

Athena Image
Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters

Cyclists Shouldn’t Have To Risk Their Lives Just To Use The Road

Athena Image
Hero Images via Getty Images

Iraq Vet: 'I Know Assault Rifles. They Have No Place On America's Streets'

Seth Moulton
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Americans Gave Record $373.25 Billion To Charity Last Year

Athena Image
Vstock LLC via Getty Images

Anne Hathaway Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

Athena Image
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

App Allows Users To Help Save Migrants Crossing Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sea Libya Migrants 2016 Italy May Ca
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Zuckerberg Training And Recruiting Software Developers In Africa

Leuteonline Medieninternet

Beyonce Just Donated Over $82,000 To Flint Water Crisis

Invision for Parkwood Entertainment

Mayor Launches Organization For Victims Of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Shooting Violence Crime Guns Mass Shooting Florida Terror
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

After Orlando Shooting, The World Showed Up To Defy Hate With Love

Athena Image
Dylan Martinez / Reuters


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This Is What A Refugee Mom’s To-Do List Looks Like

World Vision

Women In Nepal Take Over Farming Work As Men Go To Cities For Jobs

Carrying Food And Objects Daily Life Farmer Horizontal On The Back Vegetable Woman
PRAKASH MATHEMA via Getty Images

Thailand Ends Mother-To-Child HIV, Syphilis Transmission

Athena Image
NICOLAS ASFOURI via Getty Images

Bill Gates Is Betting On This Investment To Fight Extreme Poverty

Athena Image
Mike Segar / Reuters

You're Probably Going To Throw Away 81 Pounds Of Clothing This Year

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon Removes Offensive Hindu Deities Doormats After Twitter Outcry

White Background Om Symbol Boarding Idol Blessing
Songsak Paname via Getty Images

Internet Providers Need To Help Stop Child Sex Live-Streaming: UNICEF

Girl Horizontal Internet Pornography Sex Shadow Silhouette Survivor
TED ALJIBE via Getty Images

Africa Is Now Host To More Than A Quarter Of World's Displaced People

Topshots Horizontal Border Displaced Persons Displaced Persons Camp Consquences Of War Exodus Migration And Immigration Refugee Refugee Camp Tentrefugees Tentcamping Man Silhouette
TOBIAS SCHWARZ via Getty Images

Attacks On Albinos Grow In Malawi As Body Parts Are Sold For Witchcraft

Athena Image

One Way To Continue Muhammad Ali’s Fight For Social Justice

Athena Image
Reuters Photographer / Reuters

Tracking System Could Cut Billions Of Dollars In Food Waste

Athena Image
ERIC CABANIS via Getty Images

Urban Garden Aims To Bridge Gap Between 'Old' And 'New' Harlem

Athena Image
Rob Kim via Getty Images

Girls Take Photos Of Things They're Banned From While Menstruating

WaterAid/ Sushma Diyali

Egyptian Teen Dies While Undergoing FGM Performed By Doctor

Athena Image
Portra Images via Getty Images

Giving Homeless People Homes In SF Saved City 56% In Costs Over 4 Years

Charityeceonomyhomelessimpoverishedpoliticspovertysoup Kitchen
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Airbnb Co-Founders Commit Half Their Fortunes To Charity

Athena Image
Michel Porro via Getty Images

Shoutout Woke Companies: You Can Win $100 Million To Change The World

Athena Image
Jonathan Kitchen via Getty Images