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May 29, 2016

This $1 Cup Could Prevent Millions Of Babies From Starving

NIFTY Cup/Laerdal

Former Child Laborer Has Helped Thousands Of Trafficking Victims

Visayan Forum

This Tableware Company Donates A Meal For Every Item Sold


The Women Who Make Your Shea Butter Are Often Abused, Exploited

Athena Image
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Former Drug Dealer Turns Life Around, Graduates From Ivy League

Courtesy of David Norman

More Than Half Of Malawi's Population In Need Of Food Aid

407475 Youth Wfd Starvation Sick Shortage School M
Ami Vitale via Getty Images

Hidden Camera Reveals How Little People Really Know About Poverty

Athena Image
Steve Russell via Getty Images

The Cost Of Giving Contraception To Teen Girls In Developing World

Athena Image
Mark Harmel via Getty Images

FGM Guidelines Urge Physicians To Treat Practice As Abuse

Athena Image
Medioimages/Photodisc via Getty Images

Humanitarian System 'Stretched To The Limit' By Global Crises: USAID

Athena Image
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

New Insurance To Help Poor Countries Tackle Pandemics Like Ebola, Zika

Baz Ratner / Reuters

World Needs To Help Migrant Children Who've Disappeared: Nobel Laureate

Athena Image

India Installs Touch-Screen Helplines To Help Curb Child Trafficking

India Indian Railway Infrastructure Irctc Passenge
Mint via Getty Images

How Climate Change Is Fueling Violence Against Women

Ho New / Reuters

Angelina Jolie To Teach Course On Ending Violence Against Women

Athena Image

Humanitarian Aid Hits Record High, Still Doesn't Meet Growing Need

Marko Djurica / Reuters

Doctors Without Borders Ditches Humanitarian Summit, Loses 'Hope'

Athena Image

5 Stunning Photos Show Hardship Of Becoming A Mom Too Young

Pieter ten Hoopen/Plan International-UNFPA

This Woman Is Walking 1,000 Miles Topless For Beautiful Reason

Scar Story

Global Moms' Health Must Improve So Kids' Brains Can Compete In Digital Future: World Bank

1 Month To 1 Year Old 20 To 30 Years Old 30 To 40
BSIP via Getty Images

As Women's Rights Improve, Violence Against Women Rises

May Day Labour Labour Day Dhaka Bangladesh Color Rally Procession Group Garments Garments Labour Flag Protest Slave Slavery Poor Poverty Street Woman Slogan
K M Asad via Getty Images

L.A. Considers Taxing Millionaires To Help Homeless People

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Here’s What It’d Look Like If Asian Women Had Star Movie Roles


Colorado City To Use $1.5 Million From Pot Tax To Help Homeless

Athena Image

New Scientific Discovery Could Be Key To Tackling Poverty And Hunger

Athena Image
Howard Burditt / Reuters

Students Get Free Menstrual Cups So They Don't Have To Miss School

Korogocho Nairobi Kenya Srh Sexual Reproductive He
Jonathan Torgovnik via Getty Images

Current Data Is 'Sexist,' So The Gates' Are Funding Research To Help Women

Athena Image
Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Men Need To Step Up To Combat Female Genital Mutilation: Activists

Athena Image
Finbarr O'Reilly / Reuters

San Francisco Media Team Up To Spotlight Homelessness Crisis

Athena Image
Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

'Solidarity Fridges' Offer Free Food To The Hungry, With Dignity

Poverty Horizontal
JUAN MABROMATA via Getty Images

#PraisinTheAsian Showcases Cultural Pride And Shatters Stereotypes

Athena Image
Caitlin Delim/Twitter

This Mobile Library Delivers Books To Kids In Need Via Motorcycle

Stringer . / Reuters

Hotline Aims To Rescue Thousands Of Kids Who Disappear In South Asia

Athena Image
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

How Water Scarcity Could Cause GDP To Decline

Athena Image

This Billboard Traps And Kills Mosquitoes Carrying Zika Virus


Aid Should Go To Local Groups After Crisis Hits, Charities Say

Athena Image

Teen Girls Create Apps To Tackle Gender Violence, Clean Water Access

Athena Image
Adrian Pope via Getty Images

Mayonnaise Brand Uses Bean Water We Dump Out To Cut Food Waste

Athena Image
IgorDutina via Getty Images

AIDS Epidemic Could 'Rebound' If Programs Aren't Strengthened: UN

Athena Image


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