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Kathy Calvin


Girls Advocating for Girls

Kathy Calvin | Posted May 5, 2012

Girls have the powerful potential to be innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their communities, if given the chance and environment to thrive.
Eli Beer


Fighting Through Pain to Save Lives

Eli Beer | Posted May 5, 2012

As a United Hatzalah volunteer, I face new emergency calls and challenges every single day -- last Thursday was no exception.
David Bull


Polio: As India Stands on the Brink

David Bull | Posted May 5, 2012

We have a window of opportunity to capitalise on India's achievement and make a real push to protect every child against polio. I want to know that, wherever I travel on this planet of ours, I will never again find a child whose life has been damaged forever by polio.
Lola Olley


Work Experience Revisited

Lola Olley | Posted May 5, 2012

What makes a person leave something familiar to go to something uncertain? Amy Hilliard, former Fortune 500 vice president of marketing, current founder and CEO of the Comfort Cake Company and author, can say that she is one of those people following her dream.
Hayden Bixby


Partnership (Or, We Can't Do It All by Ourselves)

Hayden Bixby | Posted May 5, 2012

Lately, I'm increasingly aware that I participate in another kind of stewardship. Not just of the relationship between individuals and Cura, but also between other organizations and ours. The work we do has both built and relied upon partnership.
Pablo Eisenberg


Fighting Fraud and Promoting Social Equity: a Nonprofit Agenda

Pablo Eisenberg | Posted May 5, 2012

As the 2012 elections focus debate on the nation's priorities, it's time for nonprofits to figure out how they can best serve a society increasingly divided over ideology, class and financial scarcity.


COMMENTARY: How My Syrian Speech Is Being Freed

Turnstyle | Posted May 5, 2012

By "Ali Mohamed Al-Issa" EDITOR'S NOTE: Syrian expatriate "Ali Mohamed Al-Issa," now residing in the U.S., writes about how he and his fellow citizens have been emboldened over the past year to speak more freely about their country's revolution. He is using a pseudonym to protect his family in Syria--where...
Sarah J. Jackson


Occupy Birth Control

Sarah J. Jackson | Posted May 5, 2012

Women make up 51 percent of the U.S. population, and within this population there is another 99 percent. More than 99 percent of American women who have ever been sexually active have used birth control.
Dr. Ludy Green


Living Happily Without Prince Charming

Dr. Ludy Green | Posted May 5, 2012

As the founder of a non-profit built on the belief that economic independence is the key to permanently ending the cycle of domestic violence, I want to ask all mothers out there... how are you raising your girls?
Arloc Sherman


Under $2 a Day in America, Part 1

Arloc Sherman | Posted May 5, 2012

Living on less than $2 per person a day is one World Bank definition of poverty for developing nations. Unfortunately, this threshold is increasingly relevant to the United States.
George Weiner


Are Vanity Metrics Making Your Organization Sick?

George Weiner | Posted May 5, 2012

Vanity metrics, because they only look at surface performance and don't relate to the actual health of an organization, can make a business sick. The solution, however, is simple.
Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster


Choosing Justice: We Can't Consume Our Way to a Better World

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster | Posted May 5, 2012

We must make ethical buying choices because it is the right thing to do. But we can't end there. We must raise our voices and tell the corporations that we will not eat or wear the products of exploitation.
Willa Shalit


Four Principles of Women's Empowerment

Willa Shalit | Posted May 5, 2012

I believe that gender equality is not a zero-sum equation: for women to gain power, men need not lose it. As my Haitian colleague Nathalie Tancrede demonstrates, empowering women will unleash more joy to a stressed-out, violence-filled, struggling world.
Erwin de Leon


Diplomat's Servant Exposes Modern Day Slavery in the U.S.

Erwin de Leon | Posted May 5, 2012

The diplomat brought Shanti Gurung to New York in 2006 with the promise of paying her $100 a month to do light cooking and a few chores. The 17-year-old ended up working 16-hour days, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, grocery shopping and giving massages.
Dennis A. Henigan


School Kids Dying in Ohio: It's a Gun Problem

Dennis A. Henigan | Posted May 5, 2012

Chardon happened not because an Ohio teenager was so troubled that he became violent. Chardon happened because a troubled, violent Ohio teenager was able to get access to a gun.
Nancy Chuda


In Memory of Colette: Healthy Child Healthy World Celebrates Twenty Green But Golden Years

Nancy Chuda | Posted May 5, 2012

This year Healthy Child Healthy World is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. We have much to be proud of and grateful for beginning with the everlasting memory of a little girl whose short life, only five years, was for a greater purpose.
Michael Gilmour


U2, Aung San Suu Kyi and the Prophet Jeremiah

Michael Gilmour | Posted May 5, 2012

In U2's retelling, restoration comes through both humanitarian efforts and divine intervention. The promise and hope of both is that all will "live in safety."
Elisabeth Braw


"What Matters Are Your Values, Not Your Education"

Elisabeth Braw | Posted May 5, 2012

Around the world IKEA is synonymous with cheap, trendy furniture. What's behind the company's success?
Derek Flood


Ending Poverty in Our Time (VIDEO)

Derek Flood | Posted May 5, 2012

It will only happen if we all get involved. If we use our intelligence, our money and our influence to make a difference. It will only happen If we are willing to make some sacrifices in the name of compassion.
Lisa Belkin


Rush, Don't Mess With Our Daughters

Lisa Belkin | Posted May 5, 2012

Parents everywhere should be proud of Sandra Fluke. Because she is everyone's daughter.
Matt Weber


Oprah's Thoughts on Gaga, Harvard

Matt Weber | Posted May 5, 2012

In this interview, Oprah muses in her own words, with immediate reactions from the afternoon. She talks Gaga, bullying, education, inspiration, Harvard, and even ends up with a surprise gift underneath her chair.
Don McNay


What to Do After a Tornado Strikes Your Town

Don McNay | Posted May 5, 2012

Disasters bring out the best in Americans. They dig in their pockets to help. It also brings out the worst in people wanting to make a quick buck.


SLAM With Kristen Johnston

G.L.O.C. | Posted May 5, 2012

The list of celebrity causes is endless, but as the night progressed it was clear just how important SLAM is to Kirsten Johnston.
Jane Perry


From Wall Street To American Schools: Occupy Education Connects The Dots

Jane Perry | Posted May 5, 2012

With state budget cuts to education, the money Peralta Community College has to pay to Morgan Stanley for a higher interest rate is money they have had to cut for classes, instructors, and support services for the disabled. OccupyEducation says a renegotiation would restore 360 classes.
Christina Patterson


What Disabled People Need Is Respect

Christina Patterson | Posted May 5, 2012

For David Rathband, it took a few seconds for an unemployed bouncer to puncture his eyeballs, with 200 pellets from two separate gunshots, and it took a few months for his marriage to unravel, and it took a few more months for him to decide that he'd rather be dead.
Jay Weston


20 Visionary Women in New Angella Nazarian Book, 'Pioneers of the Possible'

Jay Weston | Posted May 5, 2012

Nazarian selected 20 stirring success stories of women, some living and some deceased, who have made a difference. The list includes writers, artists, politicians, spiritual leaders, business moguls, architects, athletes and activists.
James Moore


For Another One's Son

James Moore | Posted May 5, 2012

Every life, of course, deserves celebration. Especially of those we love. One man has a son for 21 hours. His best friend has his son for 21 years. Neither is sufficient. It's just what we are given.
Mark Horvath


Are Schools on Wheels an Answer to Child Homelessness?

Mark Horvath | Posted May 5, 2012

On a past road trip, I connected with Indianapolis School on Wheels. The program provides educational help to homeless students in 10 shelters and 2 schools, along with uniforms and a backpack filled with school supplies. This post is long overdue. I initially connected with Indianapolis School on...
Ricki Lake


Special Deliveries: Celebrity Moms Share Birth Stories

Ricki Lake | Posted May 5, 2012

The media seems to focus exclusively on celebrity mothers' post partum exercise routines or nursery décor! Personally, I am not so interested in how fast so-and-so got back into shape after baby -- but I am REALLY interested in hearing about other women's births.
Renee DuShane


Professor Gaga? Lady Gaga Teaches Youth at the Launch of the Born This Way Foundation

Renee DuShane | Posted May 4, 2012

On a personal level, the event made me want to change. It made me want to do more for others because I realized how powerful a simple compliment can be. I was lucky enough to be asked to write about this event, and it makes me sad that you all couldn't be there.