Just Say No to Emaciated Women

11/17/2011 08:02 am ET

Beautiful Ana Carolina Reston from Brazil died from complications of anorexia on November 14. She was only 21 and the second model to die from this insidious disease in the last two weeks.

When is the fashion establishment going to take responsibility for what is happening to women in our culture? When are we going to stop rewarding our young celebrities - like Nicole Ritchie - for not eating by following them doggedly and featuring them on the covers of our magazines? Where are the Julie Campbells of this decade? The great editor of Sports Illustrated, Julie would tell you to EAT - that men wanted to see curves, hips and healthy looks. The women who made these pages ring - Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Heidi Klum and Elle McPhearson still look beautiful today. And why? Because they are healthy.

Life and Style, among too many other magazines, are promoting death by celebrating a young girl's struggle with a lack of food. Let's instead print Kate Winslet's words all over the pages. She is the beacon of what is normal, albeit a gorgeous specimen, but one who is trying to be a role model to young women. To that, I say, Thank You Kate.

Editors - listen to the call. It is your responsibility to the culture of women. We buy what you are selling but now it has gone to the place of skeletal dimensions. And while we're at it, what about the faces of Plastic insanity - lips the size of amazon fish, fat injected from your ass into your face so you can be what - young? No, you don't look young - you look like an ass face. Even in Hollywood, the vanity capital of the world, directors are beginning to forbid the use of Botox so their actors can emote - or actually have some kind of expression on their faces.

There has been nothing natural being celebrated in this new century. But, thankfully, it feels like we've turned a corner. Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen Barkin, Kate Winslet, Anjelica Houston - these are all beautiful women who have been daring enough to say, "Enough is Enough. Go with happy you are aging." Vanna White, Mary Hart, Tyra Banks, Oprah - thank you all for being gorgeous...but real. Glenda Bailey and Anna Wintour - it's your turn - because it's going to have to start with someone visionary and strong like both of you. Lead the charge - it's time.