12/24/2007 01:38 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Holiday Solution

I have an idea for the holidays. Why don't we have them every other year? That would work for me. What do you think?

This every year it's the holidays again thing is getting out of control. As a psychotherapist, this time of year is like April 15th for a tax accountant. People I haven't heard from in awhile call and need to come in because they are in crisis. All my regular clients are in crisis too, and why? Everyone is miserable because they are either alone for the holiday(s) or they are with family. Either way.....

Now I know there are those of you out there with fantastic, loving families that you can't wait to see every year around this time. That's great for you and I encourage you to keep your family tradition going. For the rest of us, how about every other year? Like my friend said, "It's not Thanksgiving until somebody cries." There is the mother-in-law who says, "Oh good, the turkey looks cooked this year. Remember last year dear?", while continually referring to you as Bambi, your husband's ex-wife's name. The cousins from out of town who complain about how much money they have and how difficult it is to have so much money. They have had to start all these foundations to donate it because there is just so much. There is Uncle Joe and his drinking problem. Ah, Thanksgiving.

Then there is Hanukkah and Christmas, both holidays about keeping the retailers in business. These two holidays are lots of fun for kids, so if we can just make it about them, every year could work. Add the family obligations, work X-mas parties you HAVE to attend, X-mas cards you feel you should send out, weeks of no school for the kids and high fat, high calorie food around every corner, every other year is the ticket.

New Years Eve. We like to say New Years Rockin Eve. Why, because we are almost always in bed and asleep by 10pm. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! We are parents of a young child so... New Years Eve parties can be fun if they are at a friend's but to go out, have to stay until midnight just to yell HAPPY NEW YEAR in a room full of drunk, (mostly) strangers, and then brave the roads home, no thanks.

How about those New Year's resolutions? All the things you've been putting off doing this year get listed for next. My problem with resolutions is never being able to figure out when they should start. Should the resolutions start January 1st? That's New Year's Day and still a holiday right? So perhaps they should kick in on January 2nd. But now that I have already put them off for a day, I'll just start Monday and before you know it, it's on the list for next year.

Now, if this all occurred every other year, we might all live a little more stress free, a little happier and might even enjoy the holidays a little more. Happy Holidays, again.