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I Like Simon Cowell. Is That Weird?

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Granted, Simon has never called me forgettable, told me my performance was absolutely hideous, that he hated what I was wearing, or that I was boring, etc... I have to admit that I like Simon Cowell. Is that weird?

He is rude to many of the contestants on Idol, but I almost always agree with what he says. He is honest, in the way that he sees things. His honesty, and vision, have earned him a 36 million dollar a year salary. Not too shabby.

He reminds me of the guy who wrote the book, "You're Broke Because You Want to Be." Larry Winget's basic premise is that if you have a job, and earn a steady income, you can learn to live within your means. If you don't do that, it is your own fault. I think he has a point.

I know that both Larry Winget and Simon Cowell piss a lot of people off. Even with my own blogs about weight loss, when I basically say, "You're Fat Because You Want to Be", many people get angry. Winget in his book says that a lot of people who have money trouble also have weight issues. He must really get people going with that one.

Anyway, back to Simon. First of all, I love British men in general. There is something about the accent and the way they talk. The other night Simon was telling the crazy one, Tatiana, that what she was saying was "rubbish". We in America don't use the word rubbish we say bullsh**t. You can say rubbish on national TV, you can't say bullsh**t. He was absolutely right of course.

While Paula, Kara and Randy are often trying to be nice and sugar coat what they say, Simon just comes out and says it. You were awful, you looked stupid, you sounded like karaoke, that was a horrible song choice for you, etc... I appreciate that. It is usually what most of us are thinking and he has the (British word for balls?) to come out and say it. Thank you Simon.

So Simon, please grow your hair back. The new haircut looks hideous on you. It is so short on the sides you can see your scalp. Other than that, I'd say your performance on Idol is brilliant. Carry on.

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