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Tattoos on Women, Yes or No?

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So I think I'm having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Actually crisis, is a bit too strong. I guess I just feel like shaking things up a bit. So I have been thinking about getting a tattoo.

After posting an informal Facebook poll, I found that people have very strong feelings about tattoos in general, and tattoos on women in particular. The responses I got were: "Pure Trash." "Do It!!!!" "Reminds me of the concentration camps." "I guess it's OK as long as it has meaning for you.", etc...

I'm thinking of something small, probably in the hip area where not too many people would actually see it. I have learned that some girls are getting white tattoos. They look like stretch marks to me, but are less obvious than the darker tattoos. Here are some examples of the range of tattoos I have found.

White Tattoo

Ankle Tattoo (I like this one.)

The famous Billy Bob tattoo.

The still visible Billy Bob tattoo.


Full back tattoos.


Full front tattoos.


The "tramp stamp".

So what do you think? Tattoos on women, yes or no?