12/31/2011 04:59 pm ET | Updated Mar 01, 2012

How to Train Your Ego

"Follow the Leader" is a childhood game which almost universally is played unquestioningly throughout life. Somewhere along the way Thomas Paine upgraded and expanded the rules. He gave us options, advising "Be a leader, follow a leader or get out of the way."

On a personal level, presumably, one's ego decides which path to pursue - which train to board that will arrive promptly and safely at one's intended destination. It's wisest to make certain that all the decisions of the ego are guided by a Higher Intelligence.

I like the analogy of a train; there's the engine up front grinding its gears, puffing away with all the cars chugging behind and the caboose bringing up the rear! The tracks, or programing, determine the course of the trip. The engineer seemingly has control, yet he runs along established routes -- incapable of independent action.

The engineer, or ego, thinks he's in charge!

This thought is delusional, since the Master Mind behind the mechanisms of the railroad is clearly the Originator and Architect - Who conceived and constructed the system which is perfectly designed to take passengers where they choose to go.

I received an amusing YouTube video today ("Ormie the Pig"), depicting a paunchy pink pig pulling every trick to reach a jar of cookies perched atop a refrigerator. He is totally frustrated by his failure, driven to ever more desperate measures.

Finally the jar topples, spilling the cookies -- then -- at last! -- yummy! -- the instant that Porky is about to pop one into his eager mouth the upturned jar crashes down covering his head!

Frequently goals remain out of reach, slipping through fingers at the last moment or, if attained, the cookies don't taste so good or produce indigestion. We label failure bad luck, take an antacid, go back to bed or give up the struggle. Few have the tenacity of Thomas Edison. Or his true inspiration.

Though it is probable that try, try again is the motivational mantra of many who eventually succeed to some degree, most plans are misdirected... guided by the inflated egotistical mind!

So what's the connection between trains and brains?

- They both run on wellworn tracks!
- The rails are re-enforced to last indefinitely!
- Only the highest degree of intelligence can change their course!

The ego is a needed and valuable component of the human experience, making life's logistics doable.

The ego is the go to for expediting the mundane and ordinary.

The ego is the bean counter for our being.

Appreciate, value and reward your ego as a good and faithful servant.

Always keep the keys to your car under the ultimate control of the creator and his designated drivers, our guardian angels.

Bless the pilots, the cabbies, conductors and other custodians of our safety... may they transport us competently and comfortably.

Society is to some degree responsible for its citizens.

Systems are fallible. So are people.

Rules are broken. So are hearts.

Both trains and brains, when in alignment with a Higher Purpose, will serve us well.

May you enjoy the fruits of your labor!

May you arrive happily at your destination!

May your cookies be delicious and satisfying!

Happy 2012!!!