12/24/2010 12:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Facebook Down Again - Causes Holiday Crisis

Thousands cannot find their family and friends for Christmas celebrations without Facebook

Facebook was down again on Christmas Eve causing widespread panic as people head home for the holidays. Since many Facebook users have downloaded their social brains into the service, they can no longer recollect who they are related to and who their friends are without the site.

They are known as "social zombies" - people with no roots or connection outside of their online links. Facebook spokesperson, Manny Dewitt, said, "we have set up an 800 number for people to call in and we can look up their relations and send emails for them. We recognize the international dislocation that our service interruptions may cause during this holiday season."

Facebook has been down a few times in the last two weeks. Therapists are seeing increased cases of social withdrawal and dissociation with the increase in outages. Dr. Samantha Trevor, a psychiatrist in LA tells us that, "social disruption is on the rise with connecting to and then not being able to find the many real and fake friends that are online. We need new categories in the DSM handbook to deal with this."