09/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Live From the Water Cube: 8 Golds!!! Phelps and USA Team Make History Here in Beijing; Torres Wins Silver - Missed Gold by One-hundredth of a Second!

8 GOLDS!!! Phelps and USA team make history here in Beijing

Standing here in the Cube we did not know what would happen in the men's 400m medley relay. Certainly a number of teams could have won this race and block Phelps from 8 golds.

Prospects did not look good for a gold two laps into the medley. Backstroke was first -- the US was in the top three but no decisive lead here. Next came breaststroke where again the US just remained in the front pack.

Then Michael Phelps hit the water and swam a butterfly that soared above the pool. He gulped the water ahead of him like a thirsty camel and reached the wall to turn for his powerful pushoff.

Phelps took the lead as the crowd roared in a bellowing that expanded the bubbles of this cube.

The final American hit the water and initially lost some ground -- but then regained it in the final 50m to take gold and the world record.

The US team jumped off the ground as the impact hit them of what just happened.

All the other teams came over to the US 4 to congratulate them. The crowd stood there in almost silent awe of the moment.

Torres wins Silver! One-hundredth of a second -- Millouli upsets 1500m!

Dara Torres takes the silver here in Beijing in the 50 meter race. Loses to Germany by one hundredth of a second with a time of 24.07. The 41- year old mom showed that age is not a barrier to excellence here at the Olympics.

Millouli of Tunisia just upset the 1500m field with a decisive win for gold. Six seconds off the record time but an impressive feat in a strong field.

History here today - these 8 golds were not won easily. there were fought for at every turn.