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Comcast, NBCU and GE: The Pros, the Cons, the Winners and the Losers

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The proposed deal that could merge NBC Universal with Comcast's entertainment properties, creating a new entity, has been met with pessimism on Wall Street even though there are significant synergies that make the combination a compelling one. A preliminary analysis of the challenges, potential conflicts and opportunities conducted by Jack Myers Media Business Report suggests a generally positive prognosis for the long-term overall economic viability of the potential venture. In this week's report, I share my observations about the emerging Comcast and NBC Universal relationship and answer six questions:

  • Is the deal likely to happen?
  • What is the future of NBC's owned and operated television stations?
  • Who are the programming winners and losers?
  • Who runs ad sales?
  • What happens to Hulu, Canoe Ventures and online initiatives?
  • What happens to Jeff Zucker?

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