03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ghosts Whisper In Karen White's Latest Novel

Karen White is known for writing romantic novels that are full of lively characters and solid plots. This time, however, she has created a story titled The Girl on Legare Street, and it is peopled with some not-so-alive characters, but the plot is still solid.

If you have ever been fascinated by things that go bump in the night then this is a bonus book for you. And what better time for it to be released than when the film Paranormal Activities is riding high at the box office, and The Ghost Whisperer is making Jennifer Love Hewitt richer than Midas.

The Girl on Legare Street is actually the second book in a trilogy of stories that started with The House on Tradd Street. The third and final book in the series will be out next year.

This second novel continues the story of Melanie Middleton, a real estate agent in Charleston, South Carolina. She is busy restoring a historical house she inherited and is also being hounded by ghosts both good and evil who are in the house. Shortly into the book, her mother arrives and tries to reclaim a place in Melanie's life. This is difficult since she abandoned Melanie and her father when Melanie was seven years old.

The book centers on the reconstruction of this relationship as well as Melanie's strange relation ship with local author Jack Trenholm. Melanie is drawn to Jack and he to her but her obstinate spirit keeps them at arm's length. Her mother's abandonment of her has left her with trust issues.

There is plot to spare in this well written book, and it all fits nicely into connecting pieces as the story moves along. There is romance, mystery, ghosts, and human adversaries. Melanie tries to keep her acquaintances to a small group of friends but the group keeps expanding as more and more people are drawn to her. The fact that both she and her mother "see dead people" might explain the attraction.

Karen White certainly knows how to charm her readers and set up a story that can fill a three book set. This second book is obviously the transition one as she ends the book with a revelation that will have her faithful fans gasping.

Even with a surprise revelation at the end of this story The Girl on Legare Street can still be enjoyed as a stand alone novel. That isn't to say that you wouldn't enjoy it more if you had read The House on Tradd Street, but it isn't a requirement. That ability to let her stories interweave as well as stand alone is an indication of the talent this writer possesses.

So settle down in a place that is safe and secure, open the pages and enter the world of modern day Charleston where Melanie Middleton lives and works. It is also the place where the ghosts come out and give her their messages. You might not start out believing in ghosts and such but by the book's end you will have to admit White does a good job of selling her paranormal possibilities.

The Girl on Legare Street is published by New American Library. It contains 352 pages and sells for $15.00.