12/08/2011 03:30 pm ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

The Drop Is a Cause for Celebration

Any new book by Michael Connelly is a cause for celebration. And if it is a novel featuring LA detective Harry Bosch, a few more hallelujahs can be added. Connelly always writes enjoyable and engrossing stories, but when he writes about Harry he takes his talent to the limit.

In his latest novel, The Drop, Harry is involved in two cases. One is a cold case that took place twenty-something years in the past. It is a rape/murder that has never been solved. DNA evidence has now been discovered but it points to a then-eight-year-old as the killer.

Harry and his partner David Chu are also assigned the case of an apparent suicide. George Irving, son of city councilman Irving Irvin, jumped, fell or was pushed off a seventh floor balcony at the Chateau Marmont. Councilman Irving has specifically asked that Harry be in charge of the investigation even though they have had bitter disagreements in the past.

While Harry is investigating these cases, he meets Dr. Hannah Stone. She works at a rehabilitation clinic for sex offenders. Harry and Hannah click from the first meeting and Harry thinks perhaps he has met someone he can let into his life. For those of you who have read all the previous Harry Bosch novels, you know the road to romance is particularly rocky for Harry.

This story also gives us more insight into the relationship between Harry and his fifteen-year-old daughter Maddie. Maddie's mother died in one of the previous novels and now Maddie is living with Harry. Having her in his life has calmed Harry down a bit and also given his life more purpose. The sadness that usually creeps into his soul periodically is being held at bay.

Connelly has the knowledge and the writing skill to describe all the elements of the crimes and then let Harry take them to a logical conclusion. There is never any part of the story that seems forced or faked. Harry is a methodical investigator who gathers the facts and then combines them with good police work to come to the right solutions. And there are always additional surprises at the end as the full story is revealed.

The Drop is another winner from Connelly, one of the best crime story writers on the scene today. Each new novel refines his talent and makes its story one to be remembered. So get ready to celebrate. Connelly has a new book and Harry is back. Hallelujah!

THE DROP is published by Little Brown and Company. It contains 388 pages and sells for $27.99.