Jaime King's Picks: Graphic Patterns (PHOTOS)

09/21/2011 11:38 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

This week my picks are all about graphic pattern play. I adore a great print that is bold, striking and angular. The beauty of repetition and color in tandem. Personally, I would wear all of these items together and feel uber chic! However, my husband would have a panic attack. After chatting with those more practically inclined in regards to fashion, I've learned most people consider head-to-toe patterns too harsh for everyday wear. BUT they also want to know how they can incorporate the more high fashion prints into their wardrobe in baby steps. So here we go...

Here are some of my favorite items that can be a great statement piece for your closet and home. It's so important to feel like we can express ourselves freely with fashion. Brave choices are a great display of our creativity and personality. All of my picks below say "Let me show you who I am, from a different angle."


Jamie King