A Sleeping Society

06/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The western world has become a sleeping society that lives off the legacy of the great men of the twentieth century. We have lost the vision, the ambition, the ability to dream of past generations that reacted on time based on the atrocities of the two World Wars that were and shall not be.

We have forgotten to seek the common good. We have perhaps ignored the ability to set global priorities based on a foreign policy agenda that continues to defend the national interest. We continue to live the beautiful dream that does not incorporate the vulnerabilities of the developing and emerging world. We continue to live the western premise that takes for granted much of what we have become. We need new vision and leadership that sets ambitious goals. We need to become one more time men and women of stature to envision the best world we have ever imagined and begin the walk of our lifetime.

We ignore the final destination because our leadership is in crisis, unable to set intermediate goals that would act as a means to reach further goals. We maintain structures in power that continue to act following a myopic agenda that does not command by persuasion, but by imposition of certain small groups of power that include the lobbies, the elites, certain think-tanks and the pirates of heartless capitalism.

Based on the assumption that today's sleeping society is sleeping, there should be a way to inspire a late awakening if the right tune is played. There are ways to incentivize an awakening in a society that continues to maintain the old structures that allowed our parents and grandparents to build a world that today continues to watch how the evil reigns in many developing countries.

The fear stops the dreamers of our time from stepping forward. The fear of the unexpected stops the dreamers of our time from riding the Train of dreams, a train that will take us to the best world we have ever imagined. But we must start this journey if we are to set global priorities. We must start this Journey if we are to eradicate once and for all the great evils of our time, hunger, disease, lack of health, extreme poverty, violence, conflicts.

To look forward or not to look forward. We must question ourselves why our mentality stops our ambition to jump further. We must wonder if we are willing to incorporate a certain degree of discomfort that will bring about satisfaction on the mid and long run.

During years I approached some of the best minds on the planet. They inspired a vision that has produced a forward-looking plan to redefine capitalism and eradicate extreme poverty. The best minds hide the heart of a dreamer who loves and a lover who dreams. From the shoulders of the best minds I envision a fairer capitalism, a beautiful final destination.

We must jump further. Let's consider riding the Train of dreams. Let's decide to begin the Journey of our lifetime to land in Decemland one day, where Eutopia and Cornucopia reign.