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Tardis is a machine that allows its riders to travel in time and space. I discovered Tardis. It is a machine that will allow the human kind to travel to the future and make progress in 40 years that many thought would only happen in two centuries.

There is a window of opportunity that will allow the human kind to get into Tardis. The window of opportunity starts on the Decem date and finishes at the end of 2015. It is a five-year window that will not come back once expired. It is a unique window of opportunity that we cannot forsake as a global community.

Are we ready to start the journey of our lifetime? Are we ready to start dreaming and loving? Are we ready to start daring? It is time to shout the urgency of our time. It is time to become men and women of stature and always look ahead. It is time to acknowledge that there are solutions to the great evils of our time. It is indeed time to start the glorious forty.

I dreamt and saw a society that awaits us in 2050, in a world of utopia and cornucopia. I dreamt and lived the society of Decemland, the land of ten percent. I decided to wake up and become a man of stature and I found Tardis, the machine that will allow us to travel in time.

We live the best world we have ever inhabited. We are at a tipping point from where positive revolution is possible. We are approaching the Decem Date, which starts the Window of Opportunity, and as we approach the Decem Date the men and women of stature that I identified in my numerous trips will stand up. The expert dreamers are the disciples of Marshall and Truman and will build up the best of expert dreamers that have ever served the global public interest.

In the transition from heartless capitalism to loving capitalism the pirates of heartless capitalism shall be defeated in a process called excremental change. The pirates will use their propaganda instruments called lobbies, think-tanks, orthodox academia and elites to fight the expansion of loving capitalism. The battlefield will be Subsaharan Africa and the outcome will decide who gets into Tardis and who does not.

I know very well the world I wish to leave to the dwellers of the planet in 2050. It is a world of food abundance and universal welfare. It is a world of cornucopia and utopia. Let's love and dream. Let's all become men and women of stature. Let's all dare therefore we exist.

I promised to the spoiled lady I shall never stop this journey, the journey of our lifetime. Wake up sleeping beauty, it is time. Wake up to the reality of an unequal world that we have ignored for decades.

Where are thou men and women of stature? It is time to get to work and build a better society. It is time to accelerate trends, to embrace a new model of global understanding that prioritizes agriculture, health care and education. It is time for new ideas. It is the time of Decemland, the land of ten percent.

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