11/28/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The 35,000,000 Visitor Question This November 4th

Four years ago, following the devastating loss on November 2nd, a series of meetings and get-togethers took place which lead to, among other things, the creation of this site.

In those meetings, the question as often asked:

Could a site be created that would be our version of the Drudge Report?

One of the big concerns was that in the last presidential election when the total vote was just over 105 million people, Drudge had reported that in the 24 hours leading up to the poll closing, his site had over 20 million visitors.

Obviously, not an apples to oranges kind of thing, but clearly, a significant percentage of people who voted on November 2, 2004, had visited the Drudge Report before doing so.

Flash-forward four years and hats off to Arianna, Kenny, Roy, and many more like all-star Colin, who have grown this site to the point where it's traffic is running approximately twice of what Drudge's was in September.

Begging the question:

From let's say 9:00am Monday the 3rd to when the polls close on the 4th, what will Huffington Post's Traffic be?

My guess is in the title, but I could be wrong.

It might be less because there are so many more great sites now than there were four years ago.

It might be less because he inflated his numbers in the press four years ago.

It might be low because HuffPost is doubling Drudge and that would be a 40 million visitor day.

But no matter what the final number will be, one thing is clear.

Conservatives have their media power base, talk radio for one, but Progressives have this the growing power of the online world which is ultimately both more powerful and more welcoming. When the votes are counted next Tuesday, this site and many others like it, deserve a share of the applause and a mention in everyone's victory speech.