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James Boyce

James Boyce

Posted: February 27, 2008 09:08 AM

Watching Freedom's Watch: How Your Money Flows From Vegas To John McCain

When you go to Las Vegas, you have a lot of choices of where to stay and where to spend your money. You can go high-end, low-end and now, with Sheldon Adelson openly supporting 1,000 years of war in Iraq, you can also go neoconservative-nutjob end.

In 2007, Sheldon Adelson was one of the founders of Freedom's Watch; a right wing political attack machine that is intent on continuing the war in Iraq and with any luck, moving forward and starting another war in Iran.

Thanks to folks who have linked up some pretty amazing stories at Freedom's Watch NewsLadder, we have learned that the chicken hawks at Freedom's Watch have been focus-grouping war with Iran.

Freedom's Watch doesn't also actually want to do anything to help the troops, or their families or veterans -- unlike legitimate groups such as Bobby Muller's Veterans For America who broke the sad state of affairs at Fort Drum New York recently or the folks over at who are constantly standing up for veterans, Freedom's Watch only involvement with troops and their families is to use them as props for more wars.

Bobby Muller, head of Veterans For America, veteran.

Jon Soltz, head of, veteran

Bradley Blakeman, President of Freedom's Watch, lobbyist.

So Freedom's Watch will have $250 million to spend lobbying American voters in 2008 on 1,000 more years of war, and the real tragedy is where that money comes from - your pocket.

Sheldon Adelson owns both the Venetian and the Palazzo in Las Vegas, when they make tens of millions of dollars on gamblers and conventions, Sheldon makes millions of dollars.

Does he invest that money for the good of the country?

No, he invests it in war. (And lawyers fees, he's being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars and is in court in Israel this week.)

In my opinion, Sheldon Adelson is an insane warmonger who wants to make sure that for 50 generations our children and their children are not safe and sound in the world, but continue to live in a world of violence and hate.

Sheldon Adelson uses the parents of soldiers killed in action to create support to kill more soldiers in action so that there are more grieving parents who will get used, by Sheldon.

Sheldon Adelson has perverted the service of our men and women in uniform and created a front group to promote war. It's run by people who never served, to take advantage of the sacrifice of those who have.His tens of millions of dollars spent will benefit the man who wants war, not just now, but forever, John McCain.

Maybe next time you go to Vegas, you'll consider staying somewhere else - our 150,000 men and women in uniform in Iraq, their families and their children will thank you for it.

As will 49 more generations of Americans. We live in a capitalistic society, the greatest country in the world, and the American consumer is the most powerful business force on the planet. And just as it can make a difference with the environment, it can make the difference between war and peace.

Sheldon's war.

Our peace.

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