09/21/2010 12:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

When Obama Called Mike Castle

Surely President Obama has better things to do than to make time to call someone who lost the Republican Nomination for Senate in Delaware. But the fact the President Obama made the time to call Mike Castle says a lot about Washington, the remaining vestiges of inside the beltway power and the circle the wagons mentality that DC continues to hold.

What may have driven the phone call was one member of the political establishment commiserating with another who was driven out by Republicans who voted against Washington and elected a questionable candidate in Christine O'Donnell.

We might be able to paraphrase the conversation to include, 'Sorry about your loss, wow, the people are really rising up aren't they.' In a year when Republicans are supposed to be so strong, this article pointed out something I hadn't realized.

The National Republican Senate Committee supported eight candidates during the Republican primary. All eight lost.

The facts are clear. Earlier this year, I noted that when Martha Coakley was leading by only five points, the DC Consultant Group came to her rescue, pouring in excess of $10,000,000 into Massachusetts to try and retain the seat for the Democrats.

Having to spend $10 in Massachusetts to keep a Democrat in power used to be considered high budget. And we all know what DC got for its investment -- a resounding loss.

From coast to coast, from the grassroots and the netroots up, the message is clear: DC is a disaster for both parties. The point is hard to argue; if you are from DC, you are in trouble. I fear this will actually lead to a long term trend of anti-incumbency that I am not sure is positive but in the short run, there are two things that will be interesting to watch.

For the Republicans, it will be, and the media needs to help here, the uncomfortable realization that the Tea Party is not, in fact, a political party but Republicans. No candidate that I am aware of has run as a "Tea Party" candidate, they are all Republicans.

For the Democrats, it will be the need to feel much less complacent about the Christine O'Donnells of the world. People get that she may be crazy, dishonest, pagan and everything else. What they are saying to the world is 'we don't care, she's not from DC"

And the way it's looking, and Senator Scott Brown might agree, that's all she needs to be.

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