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Introducing James Freedman

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I grew up in Los Angeles, and before heading off to college I gained invaluable journalism experience working as an intern in the fast-paced newsroom of City News Service, the largest regional wire service in America, and wrote a year-long column on the college application process for Los Angeles Family Magazine.

Since then, I've been an editor for the Johns Hopkins News-Letter and a freelance writer for a number of publications nationwide.

Although I have yet to vote in a presidential election, I jumped at the chance to interview presidential candidate Ron Paul early in the primary process. During my discussion with Dr. Paul and while researching subsequent articles, I made it a point to focus on issues that have received scant attention, or to go at a particular topic from a fresh perspective. Although I would certainly enjoy reading and editing any work by OffTheBus contributors, I find any story that presents an idea or concept I have never before considered especially compelling.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any story ideas, or to get feedback on completed projects. I'd be happy to help however possible, and look forward to reading your work!