Keith Olbermann and David Frum as Co-Hosts

01/25/2011 08:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A lot of people are speculating about Keith Olbermann's future, now that the NBC/Comcast merger and his departure from MSNBC have been announced. Depending upon how you look at things, Olbermann is (a) an enormous talent (b) pompous (c) brilliant (d) a powerful voice for social justice (e) too loud and unnecessarily polarizing (f) all of the above, or (g) some combination of the above. He is certainly an oversized personality who is smart, articulate, often ideologically and partisan, but not 100% predictable, and in the longer run, maybe more independent than partisan. What should he do next?

My suggestion for KO's next job is to team up with David Frum as co-hosts of a television show on politics and public policy. Right now Frum is by far the most entertaining and interesting "conservative" in Washington, DC. He has reinvented himself into something the country needs -- a conservative who is not brain dead or humorless. Frum has things to say, he listens to others, and is likable, and a good communicator.

I don't watch much of the current cable news/commentary/talk shows, often relying instead on the Daily Show for political commentary. I would probably watch Keith Olbermann and David Frum square off against each other on the events of the day. I think others would too.