11/15/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Not Boring, Substantive, and Obama Dominates

I have a brother who is a plumber. His name's not Joe, and he is voting for Obama.

I watched on CNN, which had the squiggly lines from the uncommitted Ohio voters, and often showed both candidates at the same time. McCain seamed smirking and aggressive when he was not speaking. He blinked a lot. But as these things have gone, he did not disgrace himself. He was energetic and tough, even though he often came across as a jerk.

McCain finally had to mention Ayers to Obama's face, but could not say much more than we need more information. That's it? Oh, and McCain's a victim of Congressman John Lewis's comments.

The discussion about the VP candidates was surreal. On energy, McCain's seems more interested in bashing Chavez than dealing with technology.

On trade, Obama's explanation of the various trade agreements (Columbia, Korea, Peru, etc) had one strong virtue -- he said you had to read the details and consider them on their merits... That's at least progress from the view that you are either for or against trade, regardless of the contents.

On health care, it was not close. I don't see people voting to eliminate tax deductions for employee health plans, or thinking the McCain plan is good for them.

McCain does not like Obama's eloquence. I can see why. Obama was comfortable, smart, tough, and the top of the class this evening.

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