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Video Evidence: Clint Eastwood Is Not the First Celebrity to Talk to a Chair

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Sure, Clint Eastwood blew everybody's mind by carrying on a conversation with a chair. But way before the director and star of the now aptly-named Unforgiven got into sharing his problems with furniture, there was a well-known American balladeer who wanted to makes sure we understood his concerns at how an inanimate object just wasn't listening to him.

Yes, it was Neil Diamond who, in his cry of existential angst "I Am I Said," let us all know that not only was no one there to hear his declaration of self-hood, but that even the chair refused to acknowledge his pitiful wail of insignificance to the universe.

You can find Neil's confession of having had a conversation with a chair at 1:15 and 2:48.

James Napoli is an author and humorist. More of his comedy content for the Web can be found here.

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