Post Valentine's Confession: My Conservative Crushes

02/16/2007 03:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I have never once had a reason to "celebrate" Valentine's Day as a romantic participant. However, last week, the day after Valentine's Day, I watched the previous night's rerun of "The Daily Show" and caught MSNBC's Joe Scarborough giving dating advice to TDS correspondent Jason Jones on how to woo conservatives via online dating sites geared toward, specifically, conservatives. And that was that - a crush was born. And the object of my affection: Joe Scarborough.

Up until recently, I would not have been caught dead saying I liked someone who thought liberals wanted Terri Schiavo to die just because George Bush wanted her to live. That kind of comment makes me think that he wasn't actually someone with his own political views, but someone parroting a president whom I thought was a disaster. But soon, especially after Hurricane Katrina exposed White House incompetence, Scarborough was asking "Is Bush an idiot?" and telling Republicans running for Congress this past fall to distance themselves from Bush. He even admitted he was "embarrassed to be a Republican."

Wow. A former Republican Congressman embarrassed to be a Republican? Maybe he just shouldn't consider himself a 21st century Republican, or a Bush Republican. I know Republicans and conservatives who don't support Bush, and they're perfectly fine people. Despite that statement, Joe has certainly been able to stand alone with his views and not be associated with the current brand of GOP. I think that's what makes me like Joe so much: he knows he can have his views without looking like a patsy. I feel the same way about Tucker Carlson, who I also happen to think is adorable despite his infuriating points of view. Bottom line is that he doesn't speak for anyone but himself, even openly opposing some hardline conservative views. Plus, he has the Rachel Maddow seal of approval!

Bottom line about both of MSNBC's resident conservative/libertarians: They are good personalities. They're funny (unlike some other conservatives). They don't take themselves seriously. Can we really say the same about Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity? I'm sure they must have senses of humor way down deep in the murky depths, but will Billo ever be on "Dancing with the Stars"? Honestly, he barely grasped the concept of Stephen Colbert.

So, Joe and Tucker, please accept a belated Valentine from this liberal admirer. I will never agree with your views, but if I said I never thought about ordering a root beer float with two straws with either one of you, I'd be lying.