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The Nobility of Work

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"I believe in the nobility of work. Work allows us to help others and I believe that even the smallest act of kindness, even the most seemingly insignificant work done in the service of others brings us into alignment with our own deepest self and in some mysterious way with that which is greater than ourselves." -- Kelly Weston

These great words and ideas were sent to me in a letter of gratitude. I too believe in the nobility of work. There is a great Irish proverb, "Nodding your head does not row the boat."

At this time of great need, I pledge to devote my extra time and financial resources to the greatest need for advocacy, Children's Hospitals and services for sick children. A child whose life is compromised by illness and the families of those children know no freedom or happiness. They are struggling to maintain their family structure while caring for the sick child. There are numerous institutions, at this time of financial crisis, that need your time and energy and money. Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Mattel Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital Central California, CHOC, The Children Affected by Aids Foundation and Starlight/Starbright are some that I am continuing my work with. Read to a child, volunteer to play in the recreation rooms. Offer the parents in the hospital a chance for a break, a lunch, haircut, walk in the sun...anything. Bring a portable DVD player and DVDs to let children escape the hospital with the wonderful entertainment available. Make meals and offer to help the families of sick children by providing meals and carpools.

There is a growing sense of National Unity that I only heard about growing up. It feels like the times they are a changing. Feel the change. Be the change.

Row the boat!

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