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Jane Bussmann


Ten Reasons to See Four Lions This Weekend

Posted: 11/09/10 11:50 AM ET

It's finally safe to go back to the cinema. Four Lions is a movie that won't make you feel dirty.

10. It's written and directed by Chris Morris, the funniest man in Britain (think Peter Cook, John Cleese). But don't take my word for it, watch Brass Eye, the most complained about program in UK television history.

9. It's about something, yet doesn't feature Julia Roberts eating a significant ice cream. Christ, what a fucking awful movie Eat, Pray Love was, and I'm only reviewing the poster.

8. One of the terrorists' reasons for a Jihad on Infidel society: 'Fuck mini BabyBell!'

7. Every ticket bought is a protest against Sex in the City 3.

6. On the day of Jihad, the terrorist mastermind snatches his colleague's donut, licks it and throws it on the ground.

5. The New York Times didn't have a bad word to say about it: "A shockingly hilarious, stiletto-sharp satire... You laugh until the laughter turns to ashes in your mouth. And then you laugh some more."

4. None of the movie theaters showing it has faced successful litigation for bed bugs.

3. It hasn't doesn't star Katherine Heigl as an adorably OCD weather girl who can only be saved by penis

2. It's about suicide bombers, so Hollywood can never make a lousy sequel

1. It's a limited release so don't lose the chance to see the one film this year that made it through the Crud Filter.

NYC, SF, DC, Boston, Seattle can get tickets here

Full disclosure: I know the film makers. And I have no compunction whatsoever about blogging this movie.

Go to for more info.