10/08/2013 10:09 am ET | Updated Dec 08, 2013

Collecting Pieces of Our Shattered Dreams

When it comes to dreams and making big decisions in our lives, we tend to focus on statistics and probabilities. If my chance of making my dream a reality is one in a million, should I still give it a shot? Forget about numbers; focus on what you can do to fuel your dreams. Statistics are nothing but a source of discouragement.

With so many people over-exaggerating and emphasizing the practical aspect of reality, it has become extremely difficult for anyone these days to keep their dreams alive. I'm not only seeing students of my age giving up their passion and dreams to pursue something that they are not, but also be-a-doctor-or-a-banker attitude becoming more prevalent in our society as more and more parents are convinced that these "professional" jobs promise their children financially stabled lives. It's a shame that so many students of our generation are being negatively impacted by practically oriented society. It's almost as if our imaginative and ingenious qualities of our dreams are being suppressed.

I've always wondered if this is why so many people with great potentials have been slowly disappearing. What if reality isn't as inflexible as we've thought it was? Why are we becoming uptight pragmatists when it comes to dreams? And who are we to say which dreams live or die?

Don't get me wrong! I do believe that we need to be sensible and practical to some extent as what's real is "real." Statistics is a numerical measure of success and failure; in a way, statistics is a truth hidden in numbers that we cannot ignore. But there needs to be a balance. Over emphasis on numbers and practicality can have a negative impact on many of us, who are just beginning to dream. Who would have thought the Wright brothers could fly? Who would have thought a high school dropout could be the next founder of a major company? Statistically to speak, the impossible happened. Then again, the people who made their dreams realized were those who truly believed in their dreams and values; they robustly moved forward despite obstacles.

Now, I must admit that today is nothing like the past. The world is developing at an unprecedented rate. Opportunities are scarce nowadays as more people are becoming competitive. Graduating from college won't guarantee employment anymore. That's how much our world has changed. But we shouldn't be too quick to allow our cynicism to block our view of the future. I believe in the power of motivation, resilience, patience, and passion. Even if this means failing a couple of times on our way to the top, we learn and move forward by overcoming those obstacles. There bounds to be ups and downs along the way, and that's the way it is!

So, before setting boundaries to our potential future opportunities by focusing on statistical aspect of our dreams, stop and ask if this is what we really want for ourselves. Are we here to roll safe or are we here to play adventurously, exploring every potentiality of our dreams?

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