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Make it Work: Do These Cut-Out Leather & Lace Chaps Make Me Look Fat?

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We open up with the usual - Christian trash talking a designer, in this case Rickie. I can't disagree with him. Christian is winning me over, dammit!

Sweet P is saying the competition is intense: "One tiny mistake and you're out." I beg to differ. E.g., Rickie.

Tim takes the designers to the workroom to find out their challenge. From outside the workroom, the designers can hear screaming. Sweet P says it sounds like people killing each other. Christian thinks it's "sex moans." I actually think it sounds like little children running around causing havoc and misery. I've gotten into some arguments lately with some friends who think babies should be able to go to bars. I say that I go to bars specifically to avoid all people under 21, including babies. I also feel this way about certain TV shows and cringe at the thought of spending an hour with screaming children. However, it turns out the challenge is even more out of left-field: it's to design an outfit for female wrestlers from the WWE, to wear in the ring.

They have 30 minutes to work together, and must go shopping at the "Spandex House" with a budget of 100 dollars. Miles of spandex!

Each of the designer gets to pick a 'Diva'. All of these women are tanned, muscled and a far cry from our usual model waifs. The designers are all terrified of them, and in most cases, of their taste.

Sweet P: "My diva likes really sparkly stuff...the things she had on today scared the shit out of me." Apparently Sweet P's diva likes to "disrobe" - that is her thing. Sweet P tries to design a long, open silver robe but it doesn't come off quite like she intended: Tim thinks it looks like she's going to the "WWE hospital," which I agree with.

Christian is making leather and lace chaps with cut-outs. I didn't even imagine chaps could have cut-outs. Christian is really into the challenge, since his diva is oh-so-fierce, and admits that "I love this outfit more than any other outfit I've made on the show...which is pretty scary."

Rickie has designed an orange mono-kini and a sequined dress. It's cute, but it's a bathing suit.

We have Michael, Nina, Heidi-bot and the fellows from Heatherette.

As the runway show happens, Travis helpfully points out that all the models have "butt-cheeks hanging out, so far." He remains on the alert for more errant butt-cheeks. Thank you, Travis. Personally, I'm agog by how toned they are. I vow, as usual, to redouble my new commitment to fitness.

They love Chris's, which is a really cute little cheetah bikini top with jacket, Christian's, who made his diva sexy without revealing too much, and Gillian's. Gillian did a sporty blue number for her diva.

They think Rami's is frightening (too froo-froo), Rickie's is just a bathing suit (with a "disco-haircutting smock" over it), and Sweet P's isn't great (she had a drag queen in mind.)

Chris winds up being the winner (although I kind of thought it should go to Christian..who am I?!)

Chris, who I do love, modestly says, "Of course I ended up winning the tackiest challenge we had."

Rickie, finally ends up being the loser. Travis looks at his watch, "Have they left enough time for his crying jag?" Zing! I am worried though, that Rickie is going to have a breakdown on the runway. Although who am I to talk? I'm the girl who cried during the "Fresh Prince" episode where Carlton does drugs and I routinely cry at cotton commercials.

However, in the greatest surprise of Project Runway history, Rickie does not shed a tear. Not one tear! Maybe he does have some surprises under that hat.