08/07/2012 01:38 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Get an Olympian Spirit. It Can Help Your Hair Too!

With all the excitement in the air stemming from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, one can't help but admire the dedication and perseverance that it takes to compete with the world's best. It truly takes the mind, body and soul to succeed in such a conquest.

We can take this same determination to obtain many of our personal goals, including having a winning head of hair. This is a much smaller quest in comparison to that of an Olympian, but if we grasp some of the strategy to get the best out of our bodies, everything else has to benefit.

By following some of the Olympic athletes' regimens, like consistent exercise, it can help promote healthier hair. Aerobic exercise is a great way of reducing stress and eliminating toxins from our bodies. An increased blood flow will boost nutrients and oxygen our hair cells need. A variety of exercises that galvanize our heart rate can help to relieve clogged pores, which can be one of the causes behind hair thinning. An accelerated heart rate can also stimulate sebum that helps hair from becoming brittle and dry. Stretching our bodies diminishes acid built up in our muscles, maximizing our overall health. Plus, the endorphins we get from exercise have endless advantages for our bodies inside and out.

Our tresses are cells that are no longer living. This is why when we cut it, there's no pain associated with the experience. We also lose a least 100 hairs a day naturally, but new hair cells are constantly being restored. This is a great thing because it's nature's way of giving us many chances of getting it right. When new hair cells are being produced regularly, we can rebuild strength in our hair with the learned knowledge of knowing what it takes to get the results we are seeking. Athletes condition their bodies to get optimum results from their physical challenges. As funny as it may sound, the same principle applies to hair too. We have to build the strength of our hair from within, so that it can endure the challenges we place upon it. When you reflect on all that we do to our hair on a daily or weekly basis, it certainly endures a lot.

Acceptance is also a key factor in optimizing our hair experience. We should not stress out over situations that we have no control over. Some people are genetically enhanced with naturally thicker and stronger hair. This isn't a reason to give up and throw in the towel. Today, there are plenty of solutions. Exercise and proper nutrition is a good positive start for the body to help produce the best hair individually possible. We can all strive to make the best out of what has been given to us. That's what athletes do. They find a way to overcome obstacles and maximize their natural abilities, building on their strengths. When we think positive thoughts about anything that concerns us, our bodies will respond to the energy that it is given. Hair can respond to positive energy too.

Inspirational. Inspirational. Inspirational. What better word is there to describe an Olympian's journey? Having been given this platform on the Huffington Post to express my thoughts, I like to take a moment to thank all the Olympians for their unrelenting dedication and commitment. It is certainly an example to mimic in all that we put our hearts and minds to. I'm forever inspired. I hope you can see how some aspects of an Olympian's regimen can be applied to many aspects of our daily lives, even if used in the smallest capacity. One can't lose with an Olympian's spirit. Not even a single strand of hair.

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