06/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Temporary Work Is a Permanent Solution

Every day people ask me about the growing unemployment rate and what the future will bring. I wish I had a crystal ball so I could predict exactly how things will progress, but I can only make projections based on my daily observations and the enormous pressure of putting America back to work!

While the economy continues to get on its feet, companies across the U.S. are hesitant to restaff on a permanent basis. This has opened doors for people who are willing to explore new opportunities by accepting temporary employment. Jobs are popping up all over, but they may not come with the security and benefits of the past. In my experience, often taking a temporary position leads to full time employment over time as the employer gets to know you and your capabilities.

With national news about unemployment rates continuing to creep up in our country, we have seen a huge upswing in temporary assignments. Recently, over 200,000 interim jobs have been putting hard working Americans back to earning wages. The replacement of temporary workers versus permanent workers is giving companies a chance to rebuild without the added pressure of concern about having to make lay offs in case of another economic hiccup. So while it may seem like there are more Americans unemployed, there is a surge of short term jobs for people who are willing to take them.

President Obama's recent $18-billion measure that increases unemployment benefits for a good deal of Americans through June 2 will put many families minds at ease, but it doesn't solve the enduring crisis. Our country's foundation is based on the idea of free enterprise and getting paid for an honest day's work. The current economy has made this challenging for many people and stolen hopes and dreams. With that in mind, we should be reminded that we have endured worse times in our history and have never failed to bounce back to be the greatest global power.

Temporary positions may be the solution for many folks across the U.S. who want to go back to work. The opportunities may seem outside their comfort zone, but will lead to new experiences and increased skill sets. And bring in a paycheck while continuing to seek fulltime employment. While some jobs may not seem like the right fit, temp assignments have been known to create new posts when employers see how invaluable workers can be.

This is also an opportunity for businesses to employ over qualified Americans who can increase their revenue for a lesser salary and help them find stability in an unstable environment. Growth is the common objective in today's economy. People are investing more in the success of the companies they work for more than ever, taking on additional responsibility and increasing productivity by an average of 6.9% across the country.

My company, Apple One has seen a 20% increase in temporary job openings since February with no end in sight for this growing potential. I want to encourage Americans to have faith that in time our great nation will recover and while we rebuild take a chance on something that might seem like a different career path. Sometimes the road less traveled can be the greatest adventure.