Kathy Ireland: Overweight, Overwhelmed

05/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Top model, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, Kathy Ireland, plumped up and packed on 25 pounds "without even knowing it!"

Kathy, like HOLA! I gained 3 pounds last month and could tell immediately; as soon as my 'love muffin' (more than just a top) came peaking out and then tumbling over my very tight jeans.

Still, I get your point. You stopped taking care of yourself and went into denial. Your mind was so cluttered with business matters and family matters that you didn't matter. And, I'm guessing here that you did, indeed, have some idea that you were gaining weight -- one can only blame the dry cleaners for shrinking their clothes for so long and 25 pounds is the equivalent to three sizes (8 pounds per size) -- but 'it' spiraled a tad out of control, so you buried your feelings in food, and jumped another size. You were on the "downward spiral."

Nevertheless, you turned it around, got it together, didn't you? You reached out to a nutritionally sound friend. Smart! Support is key! You learned from it; and have made it a part of your story (a talking point for your new book -- Real Solutions for Busy Moms). You are now on the "upward spiral."

Busy moms (busy women) take care of everyone else first; from the kids to their partners, their significant other, spouse, job, boss, family member, community obligations, friends and goodness knows what else/who else.

And Kathy's photo in People Magazine told her tale. When you put everyone before yourself and stop paying attention to your own needs, stop doing the things that you love to do, stop connecting to yourself, you effectively don't exist. You've lost your identity.

I'm big on real conversations and would love to have one with Kathy Ireland. Here's how I'd kick-start the gab-fest.

Kathy, how specifically are you taking care of yourself; putting yourself first? When Oprah spoke of her personal battle with weight on her TV show, she said that she was taking care of herself first by putting exercise on her calendar. Sorry, that doesn't cut it for me. Yes, put exercise on the calendar! Great idea. I'm curious to know, how will you nurture your soul? Stay connected to your core being?

Your goal, praise be, is not to schedule a bikini- appearance on Oprah. Rather, your goal to be healthy, to be there for your husband and your children. What does that look like, exactly? I'd love to hear more because that's such a pat answer, and I suspect you are deeper than sound bytes.

Kathy, write me; let's talk!

Note to Our Lady of Weight Loss fans: Those three pounds I gained merely visited; they did not move back in!
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