07/29/2010 05:55 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Weight Loss: Chelsea Clinton's Wedding--Who's Fat?

Traditionally, when it comes to "wedding fat," it is the bride who weighs in most fahklempt (Yiddish for emotionally overwhelmed, mixed up) over her number on the "scales of injustice." It is she who dives head first into one crash diet or another (ouch!), seeking the magic bullet -- the fastest bullet -- that promises to deliver her to the church on time and 'svelte.'

The Bride is soon followed into the Land of Weighty Neurosis by her mother (M.O.T.B.), the bridesmaids, and then, quietly more often than not, by the mother of the groom (M.O.T.G.).

Not this time! Not this wedding!
No fat women up front and center, losing it. This wedding -- The Chelsea Clinton Wedding -- has a different undulation to it.

So, who's fat?
Bill, of course! Well, not fat at the moment, but but but!

Bill Clinton, the F.O.T.B., told reporters back in April, "She [Chelsea] doesn't think I'm in shape." Bill continued, "You know, she told me the other day, 'Dad the only thing you gotta do is walk me down the aisle, and you gotta look good.' So I said, 'Well, what's your definition?' And she said, 'Oh, about 15 pounds.'"

Segue just for a moment with me, if you will, away from weight and notice the level of communication between Bill and Chelsea. Bill wondered what looking good looked like to Chelsea. There are so many ways in which one can interpret 'looking good.' Like sporting the right top hat, tux and cane (remember Tom Hanks in the movie "BIG?") or dying his hair back to its natural color (been so long, who can remember). Good thing he asked!

Bill's 15 Pounds
At any rate, "lose 15 pounds" was Bill's goal and needless to say, a relatively easy goal for the F.O.T.B., whose accomplishments are varied and many.

Lost and Found?
Still, the question remains. What's to come after the wedding? Will Bill's pounds move back in? Might Bill have unwittingly set himself up to lose 15 pounds and then find them again?

Is Cabbage Sustainable?
It has been rumored that Bill's diet of choice is the Cabbage Soup Diet. A fad diet that promises unrealistic results (people claim that they lose up to 10 pounds in one week) and has been rebuked by doctors as unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Certainly, the Cabbage Soup diet is not a sustainable healthy living plan, is it?

Event Planning
Losing weight for an event will only take you so far. Actually, as far as the event and then it's over. Over, in a big weigh! And I can tell you why!

Essentially, it's as if you've embedded a command into your unconscious mind. A kind of self-hypnosis. "I will lose 15 pounds for Chelsea's wedding." The wedding comes and goes, and with it your 'diet' plan. Your unconscious mind 'lifts the ban.' The proverbial door to the barn is left open and all hell breaks loose.

What to do?
Learn what sustainable healthy living looks like, sounds like and tastes like. Incorporate healthy changes, one change/one step at a time into your life. And create a vision that will keep you fit and healthy forever -- past Chelsea's wedding!

What will losing weight give you that you wouldn't otherwise have? What does your compelling future look like (long-term future)?

Evolve! Don't just temporarily improve.

Spread the word ... NOT the icing!

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