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You Are Oprah: Top Eight to Being Great

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There are a multitude of self-help books in the marketplace that speak to the idea of self-acceptance, self-worth, self-love -- in fact, I've authored two of them! And with that in mind, I have to say that Howard Glasser's new book You Are Oprah: Igniting the Fires of Greatness can and does 'ignite the fires within.'

In You Are Oprah, Howard Glasser speaks to how you can step into a new world of radical appreciation and greatness, shift your energy to recreate the life and relationships you want, how to ignite greatness in anyone -- your spouse, children, clients, colleagues, customers, even strangers -- and, oh yes, in yourself!

In terms of "permanent fat removal" (my favorite topic), Howard does speak to the idea that we don't have to stuff down or energize our WMDs -- Worries, Misery, Doubts. Instead, we can learn how to use the intensity of those emotions to propel ourselves forward and into even greater greatness, not fear. Very useful information!

I asked Howard if he would be so kind as to send me his "Top Eight to Being Great." Something easily digestible and wholly positive to start us on our journey to live our best lives; something that would help us to reach for and claim our greatness, and he did!

Howard Glasser's Top 8 to Being Great

Conventional wisdom says we have to earn greatness. But greatness comes from within; it's a state of being. Most of us have met someone who does great things, but can't accept or appreciate their accomplishments. "Miracles won't cure your unbelief," Jesus said, so let's begin within to ignite our own greatness.

Imagine this eight-point list as a progressive upward spiral.

1. Accept It: Your greatness is inherent, inborn, a birth right of being human, a gift of the Creator. Rejecting this self-evident truth doesn't negate it; but it negates your power to express your greatness. It takes a lot of energy to hide from the truth: You are a unique expression of the creator's greatness.

2. See It: Train yourself in the art of answering this question, "What's going right here?" Choose to see the things you think, say and do that are right, the things that are going right. Choose to see the things that aren't going wrong that could be going wrong. It is an art; and like all art forms, it requires practice. The Greatness Practice.

3. Think It: Choose to dwell, to linger, to consider everything that's right that you've diligently trained your new eyes to see. Rather than ruminating on your impatience, you choose to dwell on the split-second of patience prior to impatience. That's using your energetic power to expand your patience, to ignite your greatness. Miracles from Molecules.

4. Appreciate It: Choose to be grateful for the greatness and goodness that you are now able to see. Express your thankfulness. There are always deeper levels of gratefulness to explore. Prior to the Twin Towers falling, how much did you appreciate that they were standing?

5. Feel It: Emotions are so powerful that they sometimes scare us. So we try to stuff, deny or outrun them. But feelings come from our hearts, and our hearts are the vehicle for transmitting greatness. The lie is that we have to act on our feelings. The truth is that we need only feel them. Feel them with every cell of your body, and you'll be tapping your life force.

6. Do It: When you accept your inherent greatness, and practice seeing it, thinking it and feeling it, there's no stopping you from manifesting greatness in your actions. You're the force of unstoppable greatness at home, at work and in your relationships.

7. Be It: Consistently choosing the Greatness Practice eventually becomes you. You're no longer concerned about "doing it" or "doing it right," you simply are. It is an internal state of being in complete alignment of spirit, soul and body.

8. Live It: The final stage is self-transformation and co-creation. Your soul gets to fulfill itself and bring your greatness to the world as a manifestation of who you really are.

Greatness is an energy. The Greatness Practice is not about changing; it's about choosing. Greatness is in our small choices. As you choose greatness, you'll discover a playground of godly qualities waiting for your conscious energizing in yourself and others.

Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, the author of Our Lady of Weight Loss and All Is Forgiven, Move On.

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