05/11/2015 06:23 pm ET | Updated May 11, 2016

Why I Love Being A Mom Every Day

Moms, you know those times when we have tried everything, but nothing seems to work with our kids?

See, for me, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is, but I have had this occur with my kids pretty much morning, noon and night, every single day.

Still, the next thing I know, my kids will say or do something to remind me why I did become a mom in the first place, making these insane, ridiculous instances all but forgotten.

It is those same precious reminders daily for me as a mom that make all the ridiculous craziness worth it.


7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Mom Every Day

1. That million-dollar smile my kids give me every morning telling me that I am tucking them in again when bedtime hits tonight.
Even though I clearly am not a morning person and am truly dreaming of bedtime only moments after being awake, this still fills my heart each and every time.

2. Getting extra kisses and hugs right before they ascend the bus steps for the school day. Even as I am waving goodbye to them, excited at the opportunity of hours on an end of peace and quiet, I still can't help but want to hold on for a couple of extra seconds to those small arms wrapped around my waist.

3. Running towards me first thing after the bus drops them off from school to impart more hugs that are so tight I can actually feel how much they missed me for those six hours. Again, even though quiet time has most definitely ended for another day, the first few moments that I lay eyes on my children after our daily time apart feels like heaven.

4. When they tell me I'm the most beautiful creature they have ever laid eyes on or how my hair, eyes or other features are the prettiest they have seen. Even if they are trying to suck up or get out of a punishment, I just can't help but secretly love being on the receiving end of their praise.

5. Reading a book together before bed and having them snuggle into my arms, reminding me of a time when they were able to be cradled by these same arms.

6. Even after all the excuses of why it isn't quite bedtime yet, such as needing another glass of water, they are missing their prized stuffed animal or asking for another hug, I am still the one they want and keep coming back to, time after time.

7. Jumping out of a deep sleep to have my scared child calling my name after a bad dream, knowing that I will most likely lose some sleep tonight and yet, once those little arms are around my neck whispering that they love me, all I want to do is stay here in this moment forever.

As ridiculous as many of the minutes, hours and days of motherhood might be, all of the above and more makes it definitely worth it to me to be a mom to my kids not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

A version of this post was originally published on Confessions of A Mommyaholic.