06/09/2011 03:49 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2011

Real Reforms for a Real Future for Our Kids

What does education reform mean to you?

To my Republican colleagues in Congress, it means cuts -- cutting funding for reading programs, school libraries, and teacher training.

For too long, both sides of the education reform argument have promoted this false choice, claiming that we could either fund our schools as they stand or reform them, but not both. But cuts aren't real reforms; they leave the real problems unaddressed and unresolved.

I've had enough of watching my colleagues play politics with our kids' futures. I'm putting together a list of education reforms -- real reforms -- to promote in Congress, and I want your help.

Once I've collected all your ideas, I'm going to put them up for a vote on the Fearless Education Reform site. The top vote-getters will become the basis of the Fearless Education Agenda -- the reforms that I'll fight for in Congress this legislative session.

The ideas I've received thus far make up the beginnings of a plan, but I want as wide a variety of choices as possible for the Fearless community to vote on. We need the best options to be available in order to create a better future for our kids.

That means I need to hear from you. Read the ideas I've received thus far, and then tell me how you think we need to reform our schools: