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Tennessee Attempted Robbery Victim Asks for Lenience

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Growing up in Alabama, I often saw people wear a t-shirt that said (in vertical descending order), "Jesus/Family/Me". It's meant to help people keep their priorities in order.  If Corey Zickefoose were to wear it he would need to squeeze "Tennessee Volunteers" somewhere in the middle of that shirt.

Zickefoose was the victim of the attempted robbery by three members of the UT football team earlier this week -- but he doesn't think such a minor transgression should be so harshly punished.

"I think they should still be able to play football, regardless," he said. "Tennessee is my place. It's my football team."

"Even after they put a gun in your face, you say let them play football?" 6 News asked.

"Yeah, it's Tennessee. That's the way it is sometimes," Zickefoose said.

It's hard for these kids (and yes, that's what they are, despite their legal standing) to not think they're more important than other people when said other people agree with that belief even to their own detriment. We've seen this kind of behavior from fans earlier this season at Alabama so unfortunately, this isn't an isolated incident. Thankfully, Zickefoose's opinion will not be the one that ultimately matters and these soon-to-be former players will have to learn a very difficult lesson about their standing in the world.

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