10/03/2013 02:53 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Tin Foil Hats Are the Rage at Talk-Radio Stations

Tin foil hats are the hot fashion at conservative talk-radio stations this week, with hosts, like KHOW's Peter Boyles, saying Monday he thinks the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, signed Wednesday by the United States, might really be aimed at bringing on world government. (Listen to Boyles here.)

If a really smart guy like Boyles chooses to spread lies about the Treaty, which is about saving innocent lives, mostly in Africa, how can you expect other talk-show hosts down in Colorado Springs to correct callers when they air paranoia and falsehoods about the Treaty, even if the guest is State Senator-elect Bernie Herpin, who was just defeated John Morse in a recall election?

Herpin was a guest on Colorado Springs' KVOR radio Sat. morning, with Herpin taking questions from callers (Listen here):

Caller: "And basically I think that's part of the ultimate goal to use [the Small Arms Treaty] to disarm American citizens across the board. And I think that's why Obama is supporting the Morse / Giron gun control the way he did."

KVOR guest-host Tom Antkow didn't tell the caller that the Small Arms Treaty can't be used to disarm Americans. Far from it.

Instead, the conversation degraded further, and he and Herpin eventually agreed that the Treaty is part of a plan, supported by President Obama, for the United Nations to control America.

Herpin: The United Nations wants to restrict or control the sale of small arms throughout the world, and including the United States. Hopefully, our Senate will not ratify -- our U.S. Senate will not ratify that treaty.

Here's where host Ankow and Herpin agree that the Small Arms Treaty is part of the New World Order, favored by Obama, under which, as Ankow put it, "they want to control the United States through the United Nations."

HOST: It's that New World Order, you know.

HERPIN: [chuckles]

HOST TOM: And they want to control the United States through the United Nations---


HOST: -- and I think Obama is a big proponent of that. He wants to get the United Nations -

HERPIN: Right.

HOST: -- to kind of control everything, so.

Listen to Ankow and Herpin trash Small Arms Treaty on KVOR 9-28-13

Is it too much to ask book-loving Boyles or gun-loving Antkow to inform someone like Herpin, before he enters the Colorado Senate, about what the Small Arms Treaty would actually do.

Here's the gist of it, as reported by the New York Times.:

The treaty, which took seven years to negotiate, is considered by rights advocates to be a landmark document that would for the first time impose moral standards on the enormous cross-border trade in conventional arms that fuel conflicts around the world, most notably in Africa. It is devised to thwart sales to users who would break humanitarian law, foment genocide or war crimes, engage in terrorism, or kill women and children.

Although the treaty has no enforcement power, its disclosure provisions could embarrass and shame violators...

The National Rifle Association and other American gun-rights advocacy groups still object to the treaty, contending it infringes on the Second Amendment. They have vowed that it would never be ratified by the Senate, even though language in the final draft specifies that nothing in the treaty could infringe on any nation's constitutional rights. [BigMedia emphasis]

Even someone who can fold a tin foil hat can understand that the treaty isn't about confiscating guns, right?

I just hope Herpin remembered to take off his hat when he signed off from his KVOR interview Saturday, and he's not still wearing it when he's sworn in as a new State Senator tomorrow.

Or maybe Boyles and Antkow will be present at Herpin's swearing-in ceremony, and they can all wear their tin-foil hats together.