Use Technology, Seize The Moment, Change The World

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We are Jason Silva and Max Lugavere, hosts and producers for Current TV, the Emmy-winning international cable network co-founded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

What has always excited us about Current is its call for audience participation and engagement. Finally, a platform for meaningful exchange, existing on television, taking the high road and believing that sharing our stories can change the world.

We host a show called Still Up -- a late night hour whose varying themes run the gamut- a show where one day we're celebrating young leaders and social entrepeuneurship and the next day we're dissecting the impact of accelerating technology on human society-- and still leaving room to explore how mankind's search for pleasure manifests itself in everything from work to play.

Our show highlights the best of alternative media and citizen journalism. We try to include as much premium user-generated content as possible. We long to be the HBO of the YouTube generation.

We believe the exponential acceleration of technology will continue to bring about magnificent bursts of creativity and human connection.

We've tried to use our platform on Current as the television element of a massive two-way forum of profound exchange, a contribution to the mediaspace that tries to agitate the sleep of mankind.

One of the partnerships we are most proud of and humbled by every day is with Causecast. We regularly highlight a Causecast non-profit on our show in an effort to bring them more attention and love. We have recently covered everyone from Charity: Water to Friends of TOMS. Being Causecast Ambassadors is a privilege and a pleasure.

Another initiative we are supporting is GQ's Gentlemen's Fund: celebrating ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things. This amazing move from the folks at GQ is a wonderful way to encourage something wonderful and coating it in cool.

Every day is an adventure and the conversation is a shared one with the audience, ongoing and thrilling.