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What to Give Thanks for...

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There are times when we think we'll sink from
the weight of our solitude when the tumult of traffic
the cacophony of fire engines racing down
damp, dark streets poises like a stray
bullet over the chatter of traffic
it is at those hours when, tucked neatly into
a goose down dream, I can finally hear myself think
that I give thanks for having a roof over my head,
and just enough heat to remind me how cold it is on the sidewalk
below, and how fortunate I am not to have to sleep there.
I am thankful that when I open the refrigerator door, and peek inside, there is food.
How easy it is to forget what life is like without those simple basics.
Thanksgiving is a day to remember not only how fortunate we are,
but those for whom a warm bed, and a hot meal are elusive wishes