09/18/2010 08:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jill Scott: Why DId I Get Married Too?

When Jill Scott first appeared on screen, many were shocked. They were expecting her to be just like the many rap artists who do a cameo in the film for the sake of doing a cameo but this girl can really act! Proof is in the pudding, from The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency to her new film, Why Did I Get Married Too? Scott has shown any naysayers she's here to say.

I was fortunate enough to interview the Grammy Award winning actress/singer-songwriter about her film, Why Did I Get Married Too? which is now available on DVD. But I thought it would be a lot more fun for her to answer some of her fans' questions.

Thanks for doing this, Jill! When I put the word out there that you'd be answer fan questions, people flipped! This first question comes from Jenni Abreu from New York City and she asks, "I saw she has a new look (new hair do/relaxed hair) is she also got anything else new we need to know about?"

I'm a proud new mother. My 1-year-old son is named Jett after her doctor who had told me that I would not be able to have children in the past. Also, I am currently in the HBO series The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency which was filmed in Botswana. I play the role of Precious Ramotswe. My next album, The Light of The Sun, is coming soon as well.

Randy Staples from Boston and asks, "What was it like to star with Tyler Perry, and Janet Jackson?"

Tyler is possibly the hardest working person I've ever met. On-set, he puts so much into his work and creating his vision for the film, but he also allows us the freedom as actors to make our characters our own and bring them to life. Janet is such a strong, beautiful woman. A lot of herself comes through in her character Patricia in Why Did I Get Married Too?

Cindy Collins from Los Angeles would like to know, "What was it like preforming with the BLUE MAN Group?"

It was quite the experience performing with the Blue Man Group. We performed with Moby during the 2001 Grammy's, for a rendition of Moby's song Natural Blues. Working with them had such a different energy than I had ever experienced before with music. The beating of the drums, the paint, the humor in their performance was so lively.

Ev Reyes from the Dominican Republic jokes,"how long the Long Walk actually was?"

A very long walk in deed, from school to musical theatre to love to my first song with The Roots to my first Grammy to first movie to first Television show. The walk has been a truly blessed one and I'm glad to still be on it.

And lastly, Vickie Williams says, "She always sings about food in her songs. Since she had a baby, what's on her menu now?"

I've been working out and eating right a lot lately with the assistance of Fitness expert and FAMU Alum Scott Parker to help get me back into shape.