John Larroquette's Brilliant Performance in 'Oliver Parker'

06/06/2010 05:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

PRESS PLAY TO LISTEN Multiple Emmy Award-winning actor, John Larroquette is the type of serious actor you would expect to be reciting Shakespeare in his spare time. His quick wit and dry humor has you suddenly contemplating if you are intelligent enough to be in his presence but he has a way of disarming you, of making you feel you're just one his pals. That's the feeling I came away with after interviewing Larroquette about his brilliant performance in the Off Broadway play, Oliver Parker. He plays a drunken mess with a hidden past you wouldn't expect from such a comedy.

Larroquette is best known for his role in Night Court where he starred as the sex-obsessed attorney, Dan Fielding. He went on to star in his own show and countless other appearances in films and television shows over the decades.

If you can catch his appearance in the Cherry Lane Theater in New York, run don't walk to see it. You're in for a real treat. I had the opportunity to meet the gracious (and very tall) actor after his appearance and I think you'll enjoy today's interview. PRESS PLAY TO LISTEN