03/09/2011 02:02 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Snapshot NYC: How To Spend Spring Break In New York City

New York might not be the first place that comes to mind when someone says "Spring Break!" but there's no better time to breeze through the Big Apple than in March or April. That's the seasonal sweet spot -- after winter loosens its icy grip and before summer's stifling heat and choking crowds. As an added bonus, hotels slash rates on rooms.

Many attractions are close together or within easy reach of public transportation, so you can squeeze a lot into just a few days. Once you've landed and stashed your bags, grab a cab (or MetroCard) and hit these recommended spots.

Snapshot NYC is created by New York City Essential Guide author Jeffrey Tanenhaus and Lost Girls World co-founder Amanda Pressner.

8 Ways to Spend Spring Break in New York City