12/16/2011 04:59 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

As Seen on TV: Christmas

There's nothing better than a feel-good-warm-super-fuzzy Christmas episode. Some of the BEST episodes ever have been Christmas episodes. Remember the Party of Five one when Grampa came back? Bailey spent Christmas with Fred Savage's dad and that annoying kid Stuart was so into Claudia. How about 90210? The "old school" one of course -- they made Christmas in L.A. look super Christmas-y! I've never been, is it? The O.C. gave us the gift of Chrismukkah -- 8 days of presents followed by one day of MANY presents. Count me in! Even the Winchesters did a little Supernatural Christmas brooding -- complete with heart punching childhood flashbacks.

I'd go on but the list is endless!

Lately many fave shows take a little "mid-season" break and viewers miss out on the opportunity to spend a little quality holiday time with their favorite fake people. This year being no different, and many a series hiatus underway, viewers were still lucky enough to receive a few Christmas gifts... on TV.

My fave gifts of TV this year?

Hart of Dixie
I would love to spend a Christmas in Blue Bell! Lemon Breeland's accent may seriously kill me but I think it would so be worth it! Blue Bell is such a cheery community. Give them a holiday (any holiday) and that cheer exponentially explodes! Whoa. Christmas aside, we finally learn the story behind Lemon and Mr. Mayor. Yah, just ok. I still don't feel their connection. Maybe I am just not a Lemon fan. But I am a Wade fan! And that boy, with that grin -- well, he can be wrapped up waiting under my tree any given Christmas and I will be a happy, happy TV lover! The look he gave Summer, I MEAN ZOE at the end when he asked her to go for a drink -- heart melty! And I think Zoe felt that little meltiness too! The Miss Cinnamon Cider Beauty Pageant added the perfect amount of small town tidings and joy... and cheese to make this a Christmas episode to remember. I just wish Rose won! She was so much better than that Breeland kid! Also of note -- the little Lemon/Zoe squabble. Lemon called Zoe short and Dr. Hart fought right back calling Lemon "pale." It was pretty funny. And Zoe is short.

Christmas in Chatswin is a bit more... plastic than Christmas in NYC. And George Altman is a stud. George Altman kissed Dallas! YAY! Even if it was a mistletoe kiss it still counted, right? Let's rewind. Before George Altman kissed Dallas he kissed his psycho ex! The psycho ex he lied to and used Tessa as the reason for dumping her -- via Skype! Poor Tessa! Course, she tries to fix things by inviting the psycho ex to the Altman tree trimming/dumpling eating extravaganza only to learn George invited the art teacher -- and subsequently learn that dear daddy dumping the ex had zero to do with her. The entire tree trimming evening was one big fiasco. But George really is a stud. And Dallas? Well, she is totally into George! I'm totally into George! In the end, all George and Tessa need is each other. *Sigh* But I am totally rooting for Dallas! I love this show!

Parks and Rec
Leslie Knope is the best gift giver ever. Every year I rack my brain to come up with gift ideas only to be brought back down to earth by the lack of time and the lack of any good ideas. Watching Leslie Knope, I was inspired! Amazing. Also amazing? The freaking gingerbread house replica of the office! AMAZING! I adore Parks and Rec. I adore Leslie and Ben. Ben is hot. I love Andy and April Dwyer. I miss Little Sebastian. I want a Little Sebastian stuffed plushie under my tree. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and I loved the gift the staff gave to Leslie -- cue tears and warm, fuzzy feelings of goodness. All I can say is KNOPE 2012! And... Merry Christmas Pawnee.

The Office
Well, 6 minutes in California showed his face. My hand automatically grabbed the remote and FLICK -- Mr. California was gone. Oh well. I hope Michael Scott is having an amazing Christmas!

Oh wait! There wasn't a Christmas episode! See, since Santa can't bring us everything on our wish lists, TV lovers are left without a glimpse into the holidays of a ton of totally worthy fake TV families! And that, TV fans, is a sin. I mean, can you even imagine a Braverman Christmas?? (Try it! OMG!) If Parenthood ever aired a Christmas episode, Christmases everywhere would be ruined in comparison. No Christmas could possibly compare to the emotional satisfaction and gratification that only The Bravermans and Jason Katims could deliver. I'm warm and fuzzy at the thought! All we can do is continue to ask year after -- just like the pony I never got. I never gave up. Every year that wish of waking up to a pony in my living room made it on my wish list. Since I make my lists alphabetically, Parenthood will be there; year after year; on the list...right before pony. Perfect.

Yes. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the pointless and super cheery Christmas ep! ALL of it! WOW! Glee and I have not been on the best of terms lately so for me to have LIKED an episode -- fully and completely -- is amazing. The episode captured the feel-good-warm-fuzzies! Plus -- no Sue! AND they sang BAND AID!!! OMG! BAND AID! Who wants to go do Christmas Karaoke? Band Aid? I ask every year and to this day... no takers. Where's your Christmas spirit people?!

TV + Christmas = endless possibilities of TV gold moments, heartwarming goodness and even a bit of perfect cheesiness only the holidays can make possible. Gotta love it.

What are your fave TV episodes/moments of Christmas past? Christmas present?