09/20/2011 09:37 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Not Your Grandmother's White Gloves (And How To Make Them)


I inherited the most amazing collection of white gloves from one of my dearest relatives. She had tons of them because it was customary before 1965 for "ladies" to wear white gloves in public. I love to look at each and every pair and imagine where she must have worn them.

I would never customize or change my dear relatives gloves but...the cool thing about white gloves is that they are:
A) the easiest color of vintage glove to find
B) the easiest type of glove to transform

Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to transform a style that is completely unwearable today into the best accessory in your closet:

White Gloves
Spray Paint
Home Made Stencils (tutorial on stencils coming soon.....)

1. Grab your spray paint and stencils and do some test designs on scrap paper. Your results will be better if you test your materials before using them on the actual accessory.


2. Use the positive and negative stencils. Push the stencils down firmly onto the gloves to get sharper edges on your sprayed image.
3. Add freehand layers of color.
4. Go easy on the dark colors. My best results are always the more minimal designs.
5. Make sure to let the paint dry between layers.



Removing the fingers is a great way to intensify the hip-ness of your gloves.


Save the finger tips because you can make hilarious finger puppets out of them.
(Finger puppet tutorial coming soon....)



Sometimes these vintage gloves have lost their mates, but there is nothing wrong with paying homage to MJ by sporting the single glove.

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