Indy Media Producer and Vlogger: Lessons I Learned From Having My Question Asked -- Then Reframed, Then Dodged -- on the CNN/YouTube Debate

05/25/2011 12:10 pm ET

On Monday, vlogger and independent media producer Stephanie Mackley's question about energy consumption was posed to the Democratic candidates during the CNN/YouTube presidential debate.

After I wrote about Mackley's question in my WIMN's Voices critique of the pitfalls and possibilities of using new media tools to affect the tone and content of standard corporate media scripts (reprinted in my HuffPo blog), Women In Media & News invited Mackley to record a guest vlog post about how her fifteen minutes of participatory-democracy-fame came to be, what she thought about CNN's and YouTube's selection criteria for debate questions, why she was motivated to ask the candidates about policy positions that could impact national energy consumption, whether she was satisfied with the politicians' answers, her reaction to Anderson Cooper's ironic reframing of her question away from political policy and collective accountability and onto individual "personal sacrifice," and what advice she has for other women who may be interested in video blogging. Check out her powerful video response -- and heed her "get-to-it-and-vlog!" advice at the end: Stephanie Mackley, who recorded the video above, is currently working with Promises Films on a documentary film project entitled Global Moms. She makes web videos for social and environmental justice organizations and is hoping to encourage more women to become political video bloggers. Her YouTube channel is at

Stephanie welcomes your comments and questions at WIMN's Voices, where this post originally appeared, or below.

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